August Newsletter
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We are grateful to many partners who share our vision of creating a community in which everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. Many partners show their support in a public way - on our build sites swinging hammers, cleaning and pricing goods for sale in the ReStore, and joining us each year at our Annual Gala to fund a new home for a local family. 

Some partners also join us behind the scenes to do the work that might not always be “volunteer-friendly.” Much of our work requires professional skills, which we rely on trusted partners to provide. 

From helping us develop new neighborhoods (thank you, Bill Lester and the team at LKC ) to purchasing and selling our properties (thank you Bob Friesen for 30 years of dedicated Habitat service) our specially trained friends help us make afforadable housing possible.

First Bank has recently agreed to partner with our affiliate to help reduce cash flow pressure and allow us to leverage the work we do to serve more families. We will continue to offer zero-interest equivalent mortgages to our families which are guaranteed affordable for their family or we make up the difference. 
First Bank leadership staff have been wonderful to work with, and we are excited to use this new partnership to build for even more families next year. Thank you to all of our community partners – whether you are in the public or behind the scenes, you are making affordable housing opportunities possible for local families.  

Are there ways your business can partner with Habitat? We are often in need of space for special events, caterers for celebratory meals, and a variety of services related to construction. Not sure what you can do. Call us! We are certain we can find a great way to team up to serve our community together.

If you would like to become a community partner, please contact
Amie at 910-295-1934 or .
Please Join Us for Lunch
Thursday, September 19th
12:00 PM
401 McReynolds St, Carthage
Please RSVP to Amie Fraley at
910-295-1934 ext. 2310
Neighborhood Revitalization Program
Gaining Traction  
Twenty-two repair projects were completed last year, nine were roof repairs and four had new HVAC systems installed in their homes. One homeowner had a full-home window replacement project completed. Eight porches/decks and wheelchair access ramps were demoed and built by our volunteer team. The homeowners partnered with Habitat on these projects. With a qualified application, they agreed to pay back a portion of the costs based on their level of income compared to their respective county’s median income. Homeowners make a small down payment and pay remaining balance set up as affordable monthly payments. These repair payments are paid forward to additional homeowners in need of repairs. 
Please welcome aboard our new Community Outreach Coordinator, Robert B. (R. B.) Gardner. R. B. is a retired US Army First Sergeant and recently retired from federal service as a Department of the Army civilian Facility Manager for Camp Mackall. R.B. has also had careers in the private sector as a Construction Project Manager, Security Consultant and Commandant of a private military school. He and his wife Kathy reside in Pinebluff, NC. They have three children and six grandchildren.
As we move into the fall season, we are looking forward to another busy and productive year. AmeriCorps has partnered with us by providing a grant that adds a position to our staff. Community Outreach Coordinator, R.B. Gardner, is working with us to reach out to other communities in our area and develope additional Neighborhood Revitalization Teams. He will be reaching out to more communities to develop more partnerships that help neighbors help one another. If you would like to be a part of this mission or find out more about our repair program, you have the opportunity to join us.
H abitat Home Dedication
Armstrong Home Dedication
Thursday, September 26 th 
6:00 pm
220 Benjamin St. | Aberdeen

Come see the results of community activism!
Did you know we have celebrities among us?
During some casual conversation with our volunteer extraordinaire, Nancy Kees and Britt Vandenheuvel we discovered that these ladies were members of the “Sophisticated Ladies” (similar to the Rockettes) which was formed over 25 years ago with ladies who are 55 and over. Ladies who loved to dance and could kick extremely high. The Sophisticated Ladies still preform on a regular basis in Moore County.
This group of very special ladies entertains groups at the various country clubs, civic events, fairs, parades and schools.  These ladies could kick with the best of them, just look at those legs in the photograph, our very special volunteers Nancy and Britt competed in the 16 th Annual Seniors Game in the Pine Silver Art Showcase category back in April of 1999. These ladies were so talented that they brought home the Gold Medal for the “Sophisticated Ladies” team. 

These two are Sophisticated Ladies in every sense of the word, and we are truly blessed to have them as part of our Habitat Family. 

So if you’re in the ReStore and hear “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, you might see Nancy and Britt start to line up, begin dancing and doing those high kicks! This goes to show you that age is just a number and we are all capable even after the age of 55 to keep on moving, volunteering and being part of our community. We can still contribute and share our talents, our time and experience to building hope and bright futures in our community.
Greetings from Haiti Habitat
Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills’s tithe supports carefully chosen building and shelter projects that provide housing in Haiti and Zambia. We commit to building houses with our tithe partners everytime we close on a new home locally.

Last month, Haiti Habitat kicked off construction on 75 homes in rural communities affected by Hurricane Matthew. This work is made possible through our ability to leverage tithe funding to receive additional institutional support. In these communities, families either rely on rainwater or they walk long distances, often 4-6 hours, to collect clean water for their families. Habitat Haiti is committed to providing these families with rainwater collection systems, which hold up to 250 gallons and proper latrines.
Haiti Habitat are also busy launching brand new work! We are excited to be increasing our focus on land tenure through a new project, which will address barriers to clear land rights and accompany selected communities along the path to a more accessible, transparent land management system. We are excited to serve families by assisting them through the legal process to help formalize their land title. This is important step for families in their ability to secure a loan and benefit from the full value of their land.
Your support is so critical, and we are grateful to you for changing lives in Haiti.

On behalf of Habitat Haiti, thank you for your recent tithe contribution!
Habitat Homeowner Pays off Mortgage
Constance Marshall of Hamlet was all smiles last week as she made her final mortgage payment. Constance’s house was one of the first Habitat homes build in Richmond County before that affiliate merged with Moore County.  When Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills built the house next to hers, Constance was quick to come meet and welcome the construction team and soon the new homeowner into her neighborhood. She even helped with the building of that new home. Constance continues to be a super Habitat homeowner and we share in her joy of having her home paid for.
Please welcome our two new members to our Leadership Staff Team. Carsen Nickels and Krystal Allen. Both have made great improvements in our MC ReStore in just a few days with so much more to come. Both have strong retail and visual backgrounds. Make sure to say hello when you see them at the ReStore!