"Enzymes are the bridge between the

physical and the spiritual world."

               Dr. Rudolf Steiner

Life Cannot Exist Without Enzymes
   Enzymes are the spark of life that runs through your entire body. You can't digest or absorb food without enzymes, and they regulate tens of thousands of other biochemical functions that take place in the body every second, in every cell.  
   Enzymes cause seeds to sprout, fruit to ripen, leaves to change color, and even thinking needs enzymatic action to occur.
   Enzymes create catalytic actions that are the source of life, they help maintain our life-body, or etheric body of formative forces, that builds and sustains the physical body.  
   Enzymes combine with co-enzymes to form nearly 100,000 various chemicals that help us see, hear, feel, move, digest food, and talk. 
   Every organ, tissue and all the one hundred trillion cells in our body depend upon the r eactions of enzymes and their energy transformation that can cause catalytic reactions that increase metabolic processes unimaginably. 
   A single enzyme can cause one trillion reactions in one second and still not use up its individual substance.  
   Bio-energetic reactions in every cell can only be described through the vital role played by enzymes. Vitamins and minerals are co-enzymes that require enzymes to work, underscoring the primal necessity for enzymes in life functions.     
   Enzymes are the vital workers and key communicators responsible for the breakdown and absorption of all nutrients and thus the bioenergy of the human body.
To function properly, food enzymes must also work in tandem with the co-enzymes of vitamins and minerals. Unlike the enzymes in raw plant foods, co-enzymes are not completely destroyed by cooking. 

   Unless the enzymes from non-GMO, non-irradiated raw foods are present, the co-enzymes in the food cannot be utilized to their full potential. For all these reasons, supplementing with enzymes is crucial to achieving a more efficient digestive process and better absorption of food nutrients.
Where Did All the Enzymes 
Go  in  Our Modern Diet?

Enzymes are destroyed by
  • Cooking at temperatures over 140 degrees.  Includes ordinary cooking, microwaving, grilling.
  • Irradiation -- most non-local fruits and vegetables in today's grocery stores have been irradiated, a process used to kill enzymes and extend the shelf-life of produce.
  • GMOs are engineered to eliminate the "browning agents" in apples and potatoes by killing their enzymes. The same process is used to give fruits and veggies extended shelf-life in the produce isles.  
  • Processed foods--good luck finding any living enzymes in boxed, bagged, or canned foods! 

Individuals who are enzyme deficient 

are subject to physical problems, 

disease, and degeneration.

   One of the most important things our body does is to continue the process of building our enzymes. Enzymes play an important role in every function in the human body including eating, digestion, breathing, kidney and liver function, reproduction, elimination and more.
   Several places in your digestive system secrete enzymes including the mouth, stomach, pancreas and cells of the small intestine - even your gut bacteria secrete digestive enzymes.
   Enzymes help with nutrient absorption and break down foods in the digestive tract by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together - nutrients that will be absorbed so the body can use them for energy and other important functions.  
What are the common symptoms of not having enough enzymes? Don't take our word for it. Do your own research! 
Constipation, gas, diarrhea, heartburn, gastric 
distress, skin rashes, bloating, food "allergies" and sensitivities, weight changes, sluggish digestion and metabolism, liver and gallbladder issues, poor wound healing....... the  list is exhaustive. 


What Does This Have to do with 
The Gospel of Sophia ?

   As you will begin to read in the next few lectures, intimate, close-to-home, personal contact is made as you work with the hierarchy to assume the conscious functioning of your own organs and systems. It is this give-and-take exchange that establishes first contact with your guardian angel and the angels of the spheres. It is the beginning of creating your cosmic-earthly nutrition stream that can nourish you spiritually and connect you to a dimension beyond time and space. 

    Human conscience grows more able with use. It is a spiritual force that brings the human into direct contact with substances that comprise the spiritual consciousness, linking the earthly and the divine. Indeed, the body is a divine arena; yet, the aspirant must develop spiritual consciousness to use it as a tool to communicate with the divine. 
   In order to access the cosmic-earthly nutrition stream that awakens supersensible organs of perception, you will need to take responsibility for personal health and well-being.  
   Because our food supply has been tainted with poor quality soil, unnatural agricultural processes from seed to shelf, and just the way we cook our foods today, enzymes and minerals are deficient in our foods
   So instead of "lifting" us to our spiritual potential where we can take conscious control of our organ and systems functions, freeing our angels to help us with higher development, our enzymeless foods are enslaving us to bodies that are not functioning optimally and which cannot provide a reciprocal stream of spiritual nourishment to our angels and back again to us.   
   Before we start exploring the fascinating spiritual functions of the endrocrine system and the etherization of the blood (coming in next month's newsletter), mystery school students may want to educate themselves on enzymes and determine whether their own life or etheric body may need supplementation.

Please remember that children need enzymes, too.
Do your children have symptoms that may be due 
to lack of digestive and food enzymes? 


  For more information on how enzymes effect your physical and spiritual health, please click the link below :


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