We're in the field every week no matter the weather. We've just completed the documentation of our 50th rock art site since the Alexandria Project launched in August 2017. 

We're on a mission and we're getting the job done!


The Shumla research team hit the ground running in 2018. It has been a busy schedule of field and lab work, but the team is having a great time, and we are learning so much about Lower Pecos rock art!

From left: Charles Koenig, Amanda Castaneda, Robert and Cami Cadena (landowners), Karen Steelman, Jerod Roberts.

In addition to our normal field and lab work, we are making a push to share our ongoing work with our friends, collaborators, and colleagues around the world. 

We just launched the Shumla Blog in January to give readers a more in-depth look at the work Shumla is doing. Check out our first three blog posts!

We will be featuring new blog posts on the 1st and 15th of each month, so be sure to visit the  Shumla Website tomorrow, March 1st!

Have you seen our Motif Monday Facebook posts? Each Monday we feature a Lower Pecos rock art symbol on our Facebook page as part of our #motifmonday.

And, last but definitely not least, don't forget about the SfM 3D Models and GigaPan images that can be viewed for free online by visiting our Sketchfab and GigaPan profiles.

Blog, Facebook, Sketchfab, Gigapan... There are so many ways to keep up with Shumla. You can see the gorgeous rock art images, read about our findings and have your mind blown along with us. Every day we discover more and more just how sophisticated and talented the early artists were. Join us!

Happy Retirement to Keith Mann!

Shumla's unique brand of archaeology - our intensive data collection, our high-tech image capture, our sophisticated database - would all be impossible without the IT systems that run constantly in the background. Keith Mann, our Systems Administrator, has for the last four years, been the "man behind the curtain." He has ensured we are up and running and able to upload, download, process and share the many types of data we gather. It's a big job! We are so grateful to Keith for his dedication to Shumla's mission and the work that he has done to bring our IT function this far. He will always be a part of the Shumla family, even though he and his wife Marcia will be moving to Colorado. 

Join us in wishing Keith and Marcia all the very best!

More incredible publicity! 
Shumla is featured in the January/February version of National Geographic HISTORY. 

Go find yours at any retail store that carries magazines near you.  Or check out the article here!
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The land. The art. The team. The mission. 

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