September 2020
A Note from Gwen Adams, Priceless Executive Director
I don’t believe in happenstance. I believe that a powerful creator God is intricately involved in the details of our lives. I believe He sees each of of us, hears every prayer, and can and will move mountains in each life. I’ve seen Him move mountains last year and even in this short year so far. But, more importantly, I’ve seen God be the God of the very next, single step forward—the God of growth and advancement beyond our imaginations!

How else can you explain some of the wonder and beauty that rose to the surface in one of the most dark, divisive, lonely, and destructive years I have ever lived through? 

I often tell my team to redefine success. The expectation or assumption of what we dream up to be a “good” path forward or a "successful" outcome is just that—a dream. We are forced to think small, look a little more closely, and see the truth. Here are some recent moments and the truth I've experienced in them:

  • A woman who picks up the phone and asks for help, overcoming Herculean-sized fear to ask anyone for anything... Worth a party in my book. 

  • A survivor comfortable enough in her new friendships with mentors to actually laugh out loud... Major breakthrough. 

  • A healthy baby born to a client, and volunteers who to set her up for success with everything she will need to care for and love this little one... The definition of community joined in a mission of love.

  • A staff member saying no to overcommitment and learning to live a balanced life... That little "no" brings me to tears knowing burnout just got kicked to the curb.

  • Receiving a thank-you note from someone I barely remember talking to, and reading a story of significant life change because of a class I taught... Beautifully humbling.

  • Picking up a donation from someone you don’t know who simply wants to see the work move forward... Awe-inspiring encouragement to keep going.

  • Delivering donated meals to clients stuck at home and getting 5-minutes to simply encourage... Life-giving moments of connection.

In addition to such moments and insights, we saw growth and advancement opportunities for the work of Priceless. Despite the strange times of 2020 and an anticipated gap in funds, by the time the new year rang in, we got to claim the best fundraising year we have ever had to date. Yes—that’s after cancelling ALL of our usual fundraising events!

We grew in people and partners, too:

  • Our team grew by a few amazing interns and several new mentor teams.

  • We've partnered with multiple new organizations to help frame how they identify trafficking victims and get them the services they need.

  • We have a surplus of mentors for the the first time in recent memory.

  • Our reach with consulting and training services across the country has grown.

  • We have the opportunity to partner with several churches to help each one determine how they will engage with marginalized people in their own circles.

This all means one thing—we can't stop, and we won't stop. We have the capacity to love and care for each person who comes our way out of a life of captivity in the dark world of trafficking. We have the people and the means to build pathways for survivors to walk into a whole new future, one person at a time till trafficking is stomped out in our state and beyond!
Upcoming Opportunities
ENGAGE... We are hosting Engage Trainings in March that will be exclusively online via Zoom. There are limited spots available, so sign up today! Engage is the first step to serving with Love Alaska, Priceless, or Chosen and is valuable training for anyone serving others or seeking to identify and move into your calling.
DIVE DEEPER... If you have taken Engage training and are interested an online small group to help take the concepts from Engage and dive deeper in walking in the ways of Jesus, then Huddles are the place for you! We have more huddle opportunities coming up in the next few weeks and months. If interested, email to get on the waiting list!
STAY TUNED... We are working to build list of regularly needed items to build out survivor and mentor care packages! Stay tuned as we publish these hospitality needs in the days to come!
It All Started with The Crazy Church Ladies
Gwen Adams' book "Crazy Church Ladies" tells the story of how Priceless began. It's full of lessons learned, women overcoming, and love running wild! Order a copy of the book today!
Thank You
Thank you for being part of this fight in every way that you can! Whether spreading the word on social media, serving as a mentor, or partnering as a monthly donor, you make the work of Priceless possible!