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Upcoming ITGA Webinar: An Alternative Perspective on Addressing Housing Uncertainty On and Off-Campus: Approaches from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Beyond
On Thursday, Oct. 12th, at 11:30am (EDT/GMT-4), join this illuminating panel discussion about the role of studentification in shaping communities, the unique perspective of being a town-gown city councillor, the fundamentals of student-oriented housing development, and an overview of the land use planning approach adopted for the Northdale near-campus neighbourhood in Waterloo, Canada. To learn more and register, click here.
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National & International Headlines
Students Suffer Epidemic of Loneliness
Scottish universities are being urged to step up their efforts in tackling an epidemic of loneliness after new research found that 92% of students experience loneliness at some point during their time at university.
Going to College While Going Without
A new report says a majority of California community college students are struggling to meet their basic needs. Some students are even skipping meals or eating less than they need.
University's Journey to Reconciliation
The University of Toronto will cover the cost of tuition for students from nine First Nations as part of its efforts to make the university more accessible and inclusive for Indigenous students.
Green Spaces Taking Over Some Downtowns
As more people have stayed home following the COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic has fallen. Major retail chains are closing stores, and even prestigious properties are having a hard time retaining tenants.
Spotlight of the Week
The Longest Table Highlights Town-Gown Relations
More than 850 people turned up to the community building event, which had not been held in Grand Forks since 2019. The event was one of several factors that led to Grand Forks and the University being awarded the Larry Abernathy Award from the ITGA, one of the nation’s highest awards for outstanding town and gown relations. Read More.
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