February 2, 2023
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The ITGA Conference, hosted by Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins, provides an ideal place to meet with colleagues to enjoy learning about FoCo's burgeoning breweries, platinum rated bike-friendly culture, vibrant arts and music scene, as well as its health-conscious and “green” way of living. We are seeking proposals that align with the conference tracks. To learn more, click here.
Join Colleagues in Colorado for the ITGA Conference
Attend the conference, share successful strategies, learn from colleagues and commiserate with a group of dedicated peers that Get It! The ITGA City & University Relations Conference offers keynote addresses and educational sessions that provide attendees with the tools needed to address the complex challenges faced by campus communities around the globe. To register, click here.
If you need a justification letter to attend the conference, visit www.itga.org and click on the 2023 Conference Tab.
Why Attend the ITGA Conference?
"We, the City of Clemson/Clemson University, were fortunate to host the ITGA twice since the inception of the organization and this past conference was a tremendous success! Bringing individuals together all across the country in a safe environment produced productive conversations and created a perfect forum to share best practices with each other. We look forward to the next ITGA Conference!"

Robert Halfacre, Mayor, City of Clemson, S.C.

National & International Headlines
Cal State Officials Approve Housing Plans for Students
Three Cal State Campuses can move ahead with badly needed student housing. The legislature awarded CSU $492.5 million to build nearly 3,100 affordable beds across nine campuses last year. Most CSU campuses don't guarantee housing for any incoming students.
Students Prod Colleges to Let Campus Greens Grow Wild
A new environmental movement has college students beseeching school officials to switch to organic lawn care, or let well-manicured campus quads grow wild. A young, small organization called "Re:Wild Your Campus" is leading the charge.
Brexit Seen as Deterrent in EU Student Enrolment
The number of EU students enrolling in British universities has more than halved since Brexit - with sharp declines in scholars from Italy, Germany and France, figures reveal. Brexit is seen as the primary deterrent.
Recognizing Black History Month at UTM in Canada
During Black History Month, we recognize the legacies of the Black communities who have contributed to creating a diverse country. We will be hosting a tri-campus event titled "Our Stories: Black History Month," among other activities.
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