October 20, 2022
Campus-Community Connections
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A Message from ITGA President Steve Patterson
Last week, the Executive Board met in Fort Collins (FoCo), Colorado, for a working retreat and site visit for next year’s City & University Relations Conference, June 7-9, 2023.

From the many networking opportunities, which ITGA members love, to the Lory Student Center, the CSU campus and city of FoCo, please plan on joining us at the conference to network, expand your knowledge and learn and/or present on solutions to campus-community challenges. 

Be sure to check out the ITGA conference website as the Call for Proposals, conference registration, certificate programs, and other details are posted. Until then, and throughout the year, feel free to reach out to me anytime with suggestions and questions. Here's my email for you to reach me: spatterson@ci.athens.oh.us. 
National & International Headlines
Clothing Brand Celebrates Penn State Community
Given that the brand is hyperlocal to Penn State, the team brainstorms designs, then commissions students in the Penn State School of Arts to bring the ideas to life.
Clemson City Plans Rebrand from Clemson the University
When the city of Clemson incorporated in 1943, its residents couldn't have known the university's popularity would mask the small-town charm.
Mass Student Movement Against Cost-Of-Living Crisis
Socialist Students extends its solidarity to students across Ireland who protested against the cost-of-living and housing crisis on 13 October. The same crisis looms over students in the UK.
The Best Places to Live in Colorado in 2022
Whether you're relocating from the Midwest or a coastal state, these are the best places in Colorado to live and enjoy the state's famous scenery and relaxing quality of life.
Job Postings: The Ohio State University's Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement is currently hiring for two positions: Community Ambassador Supervisor and 3rd Year and Beyond Manager. For both roles, understanding of the student life cycle and familiarity with data/assessment tools are important.
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