October 27, 2022
Campus-Community Connections
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Join us next Wednesday, November 2nd from 12:30-1:30 ET
ITGA is proud to announce the launch of a new discussion program that will provide ITGA members and friends access to and engagement with some of the movers and shakers shaping productive town/gown relationships across the country and around the world. 
In our first episode, ITGA Board Members Michael Akin and Krisan Osterby, joined by trusty sidekicks Poppy Humphrey and Woody Giles, will introduce the concept for this new quarterly series. 

Then, Michael will engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, the new President & CEO of Newfields in Indianapolis, IN. Learn more.
National & International Headlines
Connecting Students and Community Leaders
Recently, graduate students at George Mason University attended Movers and Shakers, a professional networking event with Arlington's business government and community leaders.
College Celebrates Launch of Indigenous Medicine Garden
As part of an ongoing commitment to reconciliation, George Brown College is integrating indigenous ways of knowing into their curriculum, classroom practices and institutional decision-making.
How Regional Public Colleges Benefit Their Communities
Colleges serve a crucial population: low-income students. And they serve as economic engines in their regions. Those are the key findings of new research from two economists.
New Mexico the First State in the Nation to do This
HED and researchers at the UNM have announced that New Mexico will be the first state to launch a statewide study to access food and housing security needs at public college and universities.
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