January 26, 2023
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The ITGA Conference, hosted by Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins, provides an ideal place to meet with colleagues to enjoy learning about FoCo's burgeoning breweries, platinum rated bike-friendly culture, vibrant arts and music scene, as well as its health-conscious and “green” way of living. We are seeking proposals that align with the conference tracks. To learn more, click here.
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Attend the conference, share successful strategies, learn from colleagues and commiserate with a group of dedicated peers that Get It! The ITGA City & University Relations Conference offers keynote addresses and educational sessions that provide attendees with the tools needed to address the complex challenges faced by campus communities around the globe. Conference registration rates increase February 1. To register, click here.
If you need a justification letter to attend the conference, visit www.itga.org and click on the 2023 Conference Tab.
Why Attend the ITGA Conference?
"The ITGA University and City Relations Conference is the most relevant and beneficial conference opportunity across our field. The diverse communities that attend, the various perspectives and community/university contexts - these all bring great value to this annual conference."

Dilnavaz Cama, Director, Office of Student Life Willie J. Young, Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, The Ohio State University
National & International Headlines
Feeling Depressed? Acts of Kindness May Help
People suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety may help heal themselves by doing good deeds for others, new research shows. Co-Author David Cregg reveals why performing acts of kindness works so well.
Will 2023 Bring a Rash of College Closures?
In a higher education world divided into halves and have-nots, analysts see choppy waters ahead for nonselective private institutions and increased operational challenges for underfunded regional public universities.
Students in Wales Get £1,000 Maintenance Boost
Students from Wales will get £1,000 more to help with the cost of living crisis while those in England get just £200 on average as Labour MPs said inflation may force more students to drop out of university.
Town Readies ASU Contract to Help with Recycling
Town staff is proposing a partnership with Arizona State University's Project Cities Program where students would help come up with a strategic vision to guide the department for the next decade in the town of Gilbert.
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