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National & International Headlines
The Most Livable College Towns Across America
When it comes to choosing a college, students often seek an environment that not only offers quality education but also provides a vibrant and livable community. University Magazine explores ten of the most livable college towns.
How Public Colleges are Partnering with Communities
From mentoring local high school students to cultivating urban farms in food-insecure neighborhoods, public universities across the U.S. are finding creative ways to engage with their local communities.
Therapy Dog Doles Out Positive Vibes at Concordia University
Numerous studies have shown animal visitation programs, in which participants spend up to 45 minutes petting animals, help reduce stress and anxiety, and also lessen the sense of homesickness for many students
Two Ivies Up Their Municipal Payments
Two Ivy League universities recently renewed agreements to voluntarily pay their surrounding cities sizable sums to help compensate for the fact that, as nonprofits, they don’t pay property taxes. 
Spotlight Of The Week
State Issues Guidance to Address Diversity on College Campuses

Two of the state’s top elected officials are encouraging colleges and universities in Massachusetts to find new approaches to advance diversity, break down barriers, and increase access for underrepresented groups.
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