Father's Day Memories

You’ve heard the comment, “She\he is some father’s daughter\son.” Worldwide, the tradition of honoring fathers can be observed in many countries. It’s history is even biblical. The stories below shed light on why this tradition continues.

Campfire Stories:


The minister struggled with the topic of his sermon for the coming Sunday. It was Father’s Day weekend, and he wanted to cover the topic differently than he had previously. He was dissatisfied with any idea thus far, and his office waste basket was overflowing with wadded up paper.


A tap on his office door interrupted his mental struggle. Before he could reply, his college-age daughter peeked into the room. In a continuous motion, she began tip-toeing towards his sofa as if she had not already disturbed him. He peered over the rim of his glasses the whole time, and studied her glowing features. Warm thoughts filled his mind.

Young, exciting, full of life, and life’s adventures ahead.


Suddenly, concern swept across his face as she plopped down on a cushion. Is something wrong? It’s early afternoon. She never comes here at this time of day. He asked in a serious, fatherly tone, “Is there a problem? You want something?”


A warm smile filled her face as she stood and walked toward him. “Oh, nothing, Dad,” she gleefully replied warmly as she took his hand, and looked fondly into his eyes.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.”


After a few minutes, she was out the door and on her way. The minister, with an ear-to-ear smile, closed his notes and reflected for a while on the warm exchange.

He had the perfect message to share for Father’s Day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The seasoned minister reflected on his message for the coming Father’s Day Sunday. He never hid his true story of not knowing his biological father or any other, as his mom had been married six times while he was still under adult age. “Kind of like a revolving door,” he described later in life. “Difficult to even remember names.”


Counseling as a minister, he observed how many attitudes were more and more expressions of, “it’s all about me.” Negative society characteristics had increased and the value of life had decreased. One tragic result: more than 80% of the young men in prison were raised without the guidance and tough-love discipline of a father figure living in the home. Not fair to shove this total burden on a single parent!


Daily on his knees, the minister whispered, “If not for the grace of God and His love, there I'd be! Help me be Your hands and feet for them!” He added, “Thank You for all who step forward to rescue us, to adopt us, to be our in-home fathers!”

A warm smile appeared. … My Father’s the best!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The middle-aged father rummaged through his dad’s old writing desk, looking for a pump needle to put air into a ball for the grandchildren. Knowing his dad’s tendency to store small and special things in safe places, he mumbled, “Dad probably had one of those stored somewhere in here.” Carefully, he searched. Awe ha! Found one! As he started to close the drawer, though, something else captured his attention. … It was a Father’s Day card he had sent many years ago. Tears filled his eyes as he read the words and gazed on the images.


“Father, I had a hero as a child, and

Dad, it was you."


It seemed there was nothing you couldn’t fix or build. Same with all things. You learned what to do, and we did them together. You came up with an answer for everything, and tossed me over your shoulder, so strong and perfect.


You taught me how to do so many things.

I remember your wisdom in how to grill perfect food.

Learning to carve scary faces on pumpkins was so much fun!

And, I'll never forget those hazards from driving recklessly.

You encouraged us to keep trying no matter the obstacles and reach for the stars.

Who could forget those early-morning adventures of our first fishing trips. On the water, it was like a bit of Heaven.

We had lots of laughs and fun times along the way.

Your fondness for sports and competition came through loud and clear. They were lifetime experiences to pitching on youth fields to a professional ball field. ... I've always wondered if those balls were strikes?

Attending my first big college football game is a memory I’ll never foreget.

I share with my children your insistence of the importance of making good grades along with the sports.

Especially important was your teaching me not to fear the Dragons and Monsters of life. Growing up, I knew I had your protection.

That’s how it was to my young, adoring eyes.

I knew my Dad was the best, wonderful and wise.

I confess, though, I find myself sometimes checking under the bed or in the closet to make sure nothing lurks there.

 I’m older now and have some miles of my own, but no matter whether we’re together or apart, I see the kind of person I hope someday to be!


Yes, Dad, you’re still my hero!


Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

I Love You!"

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Photos (top down): 1) K. Hudson, Buffalo, OK.

2-12 ) Savoy clan.

13, 14) Sketches by C. Butler of Leeds, United Kingdom. Contanct him at: www.charlesebutler66@yahoo.co.uk


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Recipe: A Delicious Layered Salad

to go with all those Father's Day Steaks

By J. Savoy

Romaine or iceberg lettuce

1 green pepper

2-3 stalks celery

onion (if desired)

1 package frozen green peas

2 cups mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons sugar

cheddar cheese, grated

bacon bits


1) In a clear 13" x 9" dish, layer bite size pieces of lettuce. 2) Then layer chopped green pepper, celery and onion (if desired). 3) Top with green peas which previously were thawed and drained of any liquid. 4) Combine Mayonnaise and sugar, then spread over top of other ingredients. 5) Shred enough cheddar cheese to cover the mayonnaise topping. 6) Cook 2-3 strips of bacon, crumble and sprinkle over top. 7) Refrigerate overnight. 8) Enjoy!