The Work Continues
We are honored by how you continue to show up, show out for us, and support the work. We couldn't do this without YOU! In this issue of "The Report," we want to show our gratitude, provide you with additional ways to continue supporting the work we do at Urban Triage, and showcase the amazing work we have done and the historic work we will be doing because of YOU!
Happy New Year!

What a February. We had a successful High Five for Black History campaign supporting our Unhoused Youth Initiative, and we raised nearly $10,000--shout out to all who participated and those who shared the campaign. In addition, I would also like to thank everyone who voted for Urban Triage for Community Leadership through the Madison Black Chamber Black Excellence awards last Thursday.

As we continue to galvanize support and awareness of our parent youth shelter and our drop-in youth center for unhoused youth, it's come to my attention that too often, we know what needs to happen as it relates to providing services to those underserved--who are often unhoused--still, we don't do it or make it a priority because the programs and/or services offered and/or are needed become politicized. I make this point to articulate the challenges facing those who desire to hold space and create opportunities and resources for those most vulnerable. I want to encourage all of us to consider the impact on our local economy when we fail to center those vulnerable due to poverty, race, age, sexuality, and gender status.

Allow me to explain. The economy first installed in the United States did not produce a middle class. The growth of a middle class came from the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862, which made land available for farms and schools; the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that made banking secure for citizens in 1933; the establishment of the Federal Housing Administration in 1934 that made home buying financially safe; the labor policies of the mid-1930s and the Social Security Act of 1935 that provided an array of new benefits and protections to workers; the 1944 GI bill that gave grants to millions of veterans to attend college; and the Pell Grants of 1965 that made it possible for even more people to attend college. Our economy came to be by investing in resources that provided opportunities to those without none.

Why is this important? Our local economy is the same, and it depends on every business, job, and institution which relies on each other. Workers and jobs create ripple effects as people spend money on local goods and services. Businesses also spend money locally and can help new businesses spring to life. For the ripple effect to be effective, we must reduce poverty and eliminate the barriers that impact workers, businesses, and community members. Understanding that when people are well, they are more likely to work, buy goods and services, and create innovative businesses. As a result, our community becomes safer--crime rates go down, and so do mental health challenges.

I shared this information to say that if we want an economy-driven Madison, we must do what we know works. We know that providing affordable housing, resources, and jobs works. We know investing in people--works. How do we know? Our history tells us so.

The mission of the City of Madison is to provide the highest quality service for the common good of the residents and visitors. Per the mission, Madison is committed to fairness, justice, and equal outcomes for all and believes in transparency, openness, and inclusivity, AND will protect freedom of expression and engagement.

To live up to our mission as a city, it will take the community investing in programs, resources, and businesses that do the work and provide the services that we know work. We need you to invest time and money in our Unhoused Youth Initiative to cultivate life-changing programming and resources.

From the police chief to the superintendent of public schools to community members and parents--the thing we need the most in our community is youth services and support. There are none in the Dane County area for children over 18.

Urban Triage has proven over and over again that we are experts in serving those who are most vulnerable. And, we've continuously delivered on our word--standing in integrity and centering the humanity of those we serve.

To continue the work, we need REAL investment from our community in youth services. We appreciate every dollar donated to us in support of the work. More work is needed and, therefore, more support and investment are needed. We aim to raise $1 million to support the shelter, the drop-in center, rapid rehousing, and transitional housing units for youth aged 17.5 to 24. Join us in our commitment to our youth by donating or becoming a sponsor.

Friend, on March 7th, The Big Share offers an opportunity for our community to showcase what matters to us the most - our youth! By giving during The Big Share, you show your commitment to investing in our most vulnerable youth; you create the space and the opportunity for us to invest in an economically driven Madison that aligns with its vision and mission for its people. Donate today or donate on March 7th. Your commitment and investment matter!

The time to make a difference is NOW! As we celebrate the signing of our drop-in center's lease next week and the zoning approval of our parent youth shelter, we visualize the wheels of progress spinning. Be the change you want to see in our city, in our youth, in our economy and in our world. Donate. Invest. Share.
Thank you for all you do and continue to do for us!
We want to thank everyone that contributed to our High Five for Black History campaign last month. We raised more than $10,000, $5 at a time. The funds raised will support our Unhoused Youth Initiative. We couldn't do the work without you - your investment in our most vulnerable youth matters!

On the last day of our campaign and Black History Month, Famous Dave's teamed with us and donated. Not only did this allow us to raise additional funds, but it allowed us to connect with the community. Thank you, Famous Dave's and everyone who supported us. We had a great time meeting everyone.
While our High Five for Black History campaign is over, you can still donate and support the work! We are participating in The Big Share on March 7th. You will receive several emails leading up to that day, giving you more opportunities to be a part of our historic initiative. Invest in our youth to provide housing, resources, support, and their future!
Join us for a day of giving with The Big Share on March 7th
The Big Share is an online day of giving that supports the nearly 70 nonprofit members of Community Shares of Wisconsin. Urban Triage is participating in this day of giving, and we need your help to make history. This year, we aim to raise $50,000 in one day for our Unhoused Youth Initiative, which includes opening the first unhoused youth-headed family transitional housing shelter in Dane County. Join us on March 7th, 2023, from midnight to 11:59 pm, and help us end youth homelessness! Every dollar donated will be matched up to $20,000. $10,000 from American Family and $10,000 from an anonymous donor.
How You Can Help
We’re counting down the days to The Big Share. We need your help to make our campaign a success! Here are a few easy ways that you can support us.

Share and share alike. Online days of giving are successful because of our networks. Please help us grow our network by emailing your network and asking your friends to do the same.

Be socially (media) active. Use your social media networks: post on Facebook, tweet about The Big Share, and share your love for Urban Triage. Ask others to do the same.

Become a fundraising champion. Everyone loves a champion, including us! We need fundraising champions to help drive people to our The Big Share profile on March 7th. Contact us for more information on how to become a fundraising champion!
Check out the amazing new things we've done and are doing!
Unhoused Youth Initiative
Do you remember when you were younger, and you couldn't wait to grow up? You thought life would be so much easier if you were an adult. Then, when you reached adulthood, do you remember thinking to yourself, "I don't want to adult today." You aren't alone. The worst "hood" I've been to is "adulthood"!

While transitioning into adulthood, many of us had support systems in place. We had roofs over our heads. We had food to eat. We had the support of our families and friends or the resources to support ourselves. Too many of our youth have no support or resources. Life threw them some curve balls and too often traumatic ones. Some have lived in foster homes and aged out. And they're living on the streets, some with their children, just trying to make sense of life as an adult. Urban Triage is stepping in to fill the gaps for our most vulnerable youth to end youth homelessness. Join us and support the work!
We'll launch our Unhoused Youth Initiative this month, and we couldn't be more excited to start addressing and answering the needs of our most vulnerable youth. This initiative will serve youth ages 17 1/2 to 24 years old experiencing homelessness and housing insecurities. This initiative's four (4) components include a homeless youth parent shelter, scattered transitional housing units, rapid rehousing, and a drop-in youth center.

While the process has been tedious, we are celebrating the success of passing the zoning process for our youth-headed family shelter, which will be the first of its kind in Dane County and Wisconsin. We will also sign the new lease for the drop-in youth center next week. The wheels of progress are spinning! I'd like you to please stay tuned in with what's ahead. You will see this historic initiative's amazing work ahead.

We're excited to embark on this new journey with YAB, Road Home, LGBTQ Outreach, and the City of Madison. Your contributions and support have allowed us to develop and carry out such unique programming. Make history with us by changing the trajectory of our unhoused youth's lives and futures. Donate now!
Supporting Healthy Black Youth Thoreau Partnership
Urban Triage has been working with students, parents, and staff at Thoreau Elementary School since October 2021, providing academic support to students on Mondays and then to the students and their families every other Saturday.

This past Saturday, students and their families learned about Black history and how to express themselves through art. This expression provides them with a space for their traumas, as well as provides them with tools to improve their awareness and accountability. We'll be expanding our work with schools in the fall. Be on the lookout for more information.

"The difference this space has had in my life as a parent and a Black woman has been empowering. I wish we met weekly--it helps me tremendously. I am better as a parent. And that feels good."
Read Your Heart Out
Urban Triage participated in this year's annual Read Your Heart Out. In the month of February, schools across Madison Metropolitan School District participate in the district's annual Read Your Heart Out event in celebration of National African American Parent Involvement Day. Family members, community members, and volunteers who identify as African American/Black read books recite poetry, or connect with students through visual or oral storytelling in the classroom. We had an amazing time reading books, showing up, and supporting youth in the classroom.
This is a friendly reminder that our workgroups will begin again in March of 2023. Be on the lookout for applications, and please join our waitlist ahead of time. Links are below.
A safe space for Black children and families to connect.
We're Growing Cannabis
Our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA) is a 12-week workgroup designed to empower and inspire breakthroughs and transformation in Black communities. It teaches the basics and advanced techniques of growing food and the entrepreneurial benefits/opportunities in agriculture. Well, now we are adding an additional agriculture component - growing cannabis! We have been approved for our hemp/cannabis growing license. Cannabis offers a unique model to teach specialty crop farming to a historically underserved population often left out of emerging opportunities. 
Expanding our workgroup will support us in offering more support and resources to entrepreneurs. Participants will be provided $2,500 in seed money. They will learn to grow, harvest and process cannabis into oil and other products. We are excited to bring innovative opportunities and resources to our community.
Cohort 3 Starts Soon - Sign Up!
Meet our Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer Pryor. She has been killing the game at Urban Triage with her thoroughness, consistency, persistence, and passion in everything she does. This also shows up in leadership meetings and in her work ethic.

Jennifer's very outgoing personality shines when she walks into a room. We are lucky to have her and even more excited to see what else she will bring to our new programming.

Make sure you say hello to Jennifer when you see her in the community!
Get involved and join the Urban Triage team.
Here's what's happening in our community.
March 7, 2023 | Women in the Trades Career Fair
WRTP | BIG STEP and Operation Fresh Start will be holding WOMEN IN THE TRADES CAREER FAIR on March 7th from 11 AM to 3 PM in celebration of Women in Construction week. Attached you will find our flyer. This is a great opportunity to learn and connect with local trades professionals to learn about careers with family sustaining wages.  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Please feel free to distribute to your ListServs. Thank you.
March 9, 2023 | Badger Rock Pop-up Kitchen
March 25, 2023 | Just Flow Yoga
April 2, 2023 | Business Besties
April 29, 2023 | Pre-Mother's Day Sip and Shop
April 29, 2023 | Wealth Literacy Conference
May 19-21, 2023 | 2023 Teen Summit
City of Madison Internships
The City of Madison is currently accepting applications for its AASPIRE internship. This is a paid summer internship that lasts for 8-10 weeks. Applicants should be currently enrolled in college or have graduated in May 2021.
Internships are available in the following City departments and areas of interest.
  • Engineering Division - Public Information
  • Finance Department - Data & Innovation
  • Fire Department - Digital Media Archivist
  • Human Resources Department - Compensation Study
  • Madison Public Library - Marketing Intern
  • Parks Division (4 openings) - Ecology, Golf, Parks Alive!, and Public Information Officer
  • Planning Division (2 openings) - Geographic Information System (GIS) and Neighborhood Planning
  • Traffic Engineering - Vision Zero Public Information Assistant
Interns will work on a meaningful project in their area of interest. Interns will also be provided the opportunity to explore and establish career goals, acquire practical interviewing experience, develop essential skills, broaden their professional network, learn more about future employment opportunities, and gain experience in public service. City managers will provide you with guidance and mentoring and help interns understand what it means to provide public service. 
The posting and application can be accessed here. The application deadline is March 19th.
Call for Community Partners/Navigators

Interested in helping neighborhood residents participate in the Northeast or West Area planning process? The City of Madison is funding 4-5 Community Partner/Navigator positions to reach current residents, property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders, particularly in low-income communities. Depending on which area you are most familiar with, select an area plan and apply online or by regular mail! For questions, please email us at
Youth Action Board Seeking New Members!

The Youth Action Board (YAB) is a group of Dane County youth ages 14-24, most of whom have lived experience of homelessness or housing instability, impacting how our community addresses youth homelessness. Members of the YAB have the opportunity to:

- Work with other young leaders interested in preventing youth homelessness.
- Have an impact on the world around them.
- Learn about Dane County's homeless services system.
- Interact with community leadership.
- Be involved in making decisions about funding and community priorities.

In 2023, we will launch our community projects, including a youth-focused transitional housing project, rapid-rehousing project, drop-in center, and system navigation project. We are excited to work with community partners, including Urban Triage, Outreach LGBT Community Center, and The Road Home, to make these projects a reality. As we move into this next phase of project implementation, we are looking for candidates who can assist us in the following areas:

-project monitoring and evaluation
-YAB sustainability and fundraising
-program development
-assistance in developing agency policies and procedures
-leading and developing training for community partners

The YAB welcomes all young people who want a part in ending youth homelessness.

*Youth with lived experience of homelessness, LGBTQ+ youth, pregnant/parenting youth, Black, Indigenous, and Latinx youth, and youth with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply!*

Questions: please get in touch with
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Start making a difference now and join our team of volunteers!
Are you ready to create change in our community? Apply to become one of our community advocates and make a difference today!

We are currently looking for immediate volunteers for the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Bilingual Support
  • Organizing Office Space, Closets, and Storage

If you are interested in volunteering for the above needs or any other future needs of Urban Triage, please sign up to volunteer below!
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