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~ April 2023 Edition ~

Interested in working on Caltrans Projects?

Want to be the Prime Contractor?

These Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Minor Construction projects may be just what you're looking for!

Minor B projects are now valued at up to $388,000 and are designated as Small Business Only.  These projects are advertised on Cal eProcure.

Minor A projects are valued at up to $1.25 Million.  You can find these projects advertised on Contractor's Corner.

These projects are currently in design and will be advertising and awarding before June 30, 2023. See the projects below for more details and a tentative time of advertisement.

(Project scope, schedule, and cost subject to change as project details are finalized)

Tentative April through June Advertisements

Concrete Barrier

Project EA: 03-3J1904

Project Location: In Nevada County on Route 80 WB direction, near off ramp to Route 20.

Project Scope: Replace existing guardrail with concrete barrier.

Advertise Date: April 2023

Approximate Construction Value: $460,000 **Updated**

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Sac Approach Slabs

Project EA: 03-3J2304

Project Location: In Sacramento County in Sacramento at the San Juan Undercrossing. **Updated**

Project Scope: Replace roadway slabs at approaches and departures.

Advertise Date: April 2023

Approximate Construction Value: $550,000 **Updated**

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Greenback/Elkhorn Meter HOVPL

Project EA: 03-3J2104

Project Location: In Sacramento County near Roseville at Greenback Lane Overcrossing. **Updated**

Project Scope: Add metering to the HOVPL.

Advertise Date: April 2023

Approximate Construction Value: $1,010,000 **Updated**

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Kingvale Material Bunker Canopy

Project EA: 03-3J1704

Project Location: In Nevada County on Route 80 at the Kingvale Maintenance Station in Soda Springs.

Project Scope: Replace the material bunker canopy at the Kingvale Maintenance Station.

Tentative Advertise Date: April 2023 **Updated**

Approximate Construction Value: $750,000 **Updated**

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WB I-80 Jct 267/89N to Ag Station

Project EA: 03-1J2604

Project Location: In Nevada County on WB Route 80 from 80/267/89N Separation to 0.6 mile east of Polaris UC (Br#17-65).

Project Scope: Construct Truck Climbing Lane.

Tentative Advertise Date: May 2023 **Updated**

Approximate Construction Value: $1,060,000 **Updated**

Postponed Advertisements

ED 50 Census Station

Project EA: 03-2J0504

Project Location: In El Dorado County on Route 50 at the Nevada Border.

Project Scope: Install/repair Census Station.

Tentative Advertise Date: TBD

Approximate Construction Value: $388,000 

Live Oak 18-wire Railroad Preemption Upgrade

Project EA: 03-0J2304

Project Location: In Sutter County on Route 99 at Pennington Road in the City of Live Oak.

Project Scope: Upgrade 2-wire to 18-wire Railroad Preemption.

Tentative Advertise Date: TBD

Approximate Construction Value: $1,041,000 

CCTV at Emerald Bay

Project EA: 03-3J0904

Project Location: In El Dorado County on Route 89 Lake Tahoe West Shore at Emerald Bay.

Project Scope: Install CCTV.

Tentative Advertise Date: March 2024

Approximate Construction Value: $150,000


Retaining Wall

Project EA: 03-3J2404

Project Location: In Yolo County on Route 84.

Project Scope: Replace guardrail retaining wall.

Tentative Advertise Date: TBD

Approximate Construction Value: $744,000

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