Homage to the Square

an exhibition of 16" x 16" artworks

Note: Please carefully read the entire call for entry. If your work is improperly prepared, is dropped off late, or otherwise does not meet our very clear specifications, it will be turned away. Please be respectful of gallery rules and staff.

Key Details

  • Open to Exhibiting Artist Members only, one submission per artist
  • This show is unjuried, all submissions will be installed.
  • 2D submissions must be exactly 16” x 16” in size.
  • 3D submissions may be a maximum of 16” in any direction.
  • Artists must fill out our online entry form prior to delivery.
  • Drop Off Dates: July 14 – 19 from 12-4pm each day.
  • Artworks Due by Thursday, July 19 at the latest
  • Exhibition Dates: August 6 – 22
  • Gallery Night Providence: August 22, 4-8pm
  • Pick Up Dates: August 26 – 30, 12-3pm daily

People’s Choice Prizes

During the exhibition, visitors will be able to vote for their favorite square in the show and the winner of People’s Choice and one runner up will each receive a voucher for two free tickets to a Gamm Theatre show of their choosing. Each voucher has a value of $130. Thank you to Gamm Theatre for contributing prizes for this special exhibition!

Reception Fee

There is no entry fee for this show and all submissions will be installed. Participating artists will be charged a small fee to defray the cost of the reception refreshments for this exhibition. This fee will be charged to your member account.

Exhibition Overview

The Art Club is delighted to bring back its popular 16 x 16 show for summer 2024. This work is open to Exhibiting Artist Members only and allows for one submission per artist. Works in all media are welcome. 2D works must be exactly 16” x 16” in size and 3D works may be a maximum of 16” in size. Artists working in 2D must utilize a 16” x 16” panel available via Jerry’s Artarama or Blick Art Supplies (see links at end of call). Artists who work on paper may frame their work, but it must frame out to 16” x 16” exactly. American Picture Frame has 16” x 16” options (see links at end of call). Please note that any panels used must be “cradled” and not flat. Panels and canvases should have at least 7/8" of an edge.

All works must be available for purchase, with the Art Club taking 25% commission. Work must be recent and not previously shown in a members’ exhibition. All submissions must be original and may not utilize published photographs. Giclee prints or other reproductions of original artworks are not acceptable. Diptychs, triptychs, and other multi-part artworks presented separately are not eligible for this show.

Works must be properly prepared for installation. Works must be securely wired with D-Rings. If your work requires an alternative hanging system, it must be approved by the gallery manager in advance. No sawtooth hangers allowed. If a painting is wet or tacky upon delivery it will be sent home.

Artists must complete our special online entry form before dropping off the work. Please also label the back of your submission with your name and the title before dropping off. Works are due to the gallery by Friday July 19 at the latest.

Size Limitation – 2D Submissions Must Be 16” x 16” Exactly:

2D works must be 16” x 16” exactly to their outermost edge and artists should utilize 16” x 16” panels available at Jerry’s Artarama or Blick Art Supplies listed at the end of this call to create their work. Works on panel must not be framed. For artists working on paper, (EG: pastel, watercolor, photography, etc.) works may be framed but must utilize a frame that is exactly 16” x 16” to the outermost edge. 2D Works that are not 16” x 16” exactly will automatically be sent home. 3D Works may be a maximum of 16" in any direction. Please measure your work before delivery.


Artworks must be properly prepared for installation. Works on paper must be framed and under glass. Works on canvas should be framed or must be displayed on gallery wrapped canvas. Works must be wired securely with D-Rings. If you feel a different hanging apparatus is more appropriate for your work, you must have it approved in writing by the gallery manager. Paintings that are wet to the touch will not be accepted. All works must be clearly labeled with name and title on the back at time of delivery. Unlabeled paintings will be sent home.

Delivery of Work:

Works can be dropped off Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 19, 12-4pm each day. Works may also be delivered outside of these hours by appointment. Thursday, July 19 is the absolute last day to deliver. Late works will not be accepted or installed. Works must be checked in with a member of the gallery staff. Do not leave your work unattended at the Club. All artists must fill out the online entry form before drop off and must label the back of their work with their name and the title of the piece in advance of dropping off. Works that are not clearly and properly labeled on the back at drop off will be sent home.

If you would like to deliver your work outside of listed hours, please email Michael. He will be happy to assist!

No Packing Material:

Do not deliver works with packing material. We do not have storage for packing and will throw it away. If a work is particularly fragile and needs to remain packed until installation, please speak with the gallery manager.

Optional Publicity Image Submissions, Due ASAP:

  • Artists are not required to submit a digital image of their work to participate.  
  • If you would like to have a photo of your work considered for inclusion in publicity, please email a JPEG image sized no larger than 25MB to Michael at your earliest convenience. JPEGs should be larger than 856pixels on the short side. Image files should be clearly labeled with artist name and title.
  • Art Club staff are not available to photograph artwork.

Removal of Work:

August 26 - 30, weekdays 12-3pm. If you need an extension, please ask the gallery manager. Works left on site will become subject to a storage fee of $5 per day, charged to your PAC account.


The Art Club carries a blanket policy covering fire and theft, but not breakage. The insurance value is considered 2/3 of the sale price, but no entry is insured for more than $250. We strongly encourage artists to provide their own insurance.

The Art Club reserves the right to reject works that are improperly prepared or that otherwise do not meet our standards at the discretion of the gallery manager.

If you have questions about this show, please contact Gallery Manager Michael Rose via email at 

Entry Form and PR Photo Submission:

Click Here to Fill Out the Required Online Entry Form
Click Here to Email Michael an Optional Image of Your Work for Publicity

Panel and Canvas Resource List:

16 x 16 Ampersand Panel from Jerry's Artarama - $31.04
16 x 16 DaVinci ProPanel from Jerry's Artarama - $19.99
16 x 16 Unprimed Panel from Blick Premier - $18.54
16 x 16 Primed Panel Blick Studio - $30.67
16 x 16 Primed Canvas from Blick Premier - $14.75

Framing Resource List:

If you order a custom frame, please double check to make sure that the outside dimension is exactly 16" x 16". If the window dimension is 16" x 16", your work will be too large!

American Picture Frame Square Black Frame
Franken Frame Custom Picture Frames

Custom framing is available locally at vendors like Providence Picture Frame, Eastern Art and Frame, Jerry's Artarama, and Riverside Art


For questions about exhibitions and gallery programs, please feel free to reach out to Gallery Manager Michael Rose at and he will be happy to assist you!

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