April is Second Chance Month.

It's is almost over, but it's not your last chance to help!

Call To Action:


Dear Friend of Second Chances:

We write to ask you to spend two minutes on two very important initiatives.

Funding for Pardon Projects

We have the incredible opportunity to get some funding for Pardon Projects in the state’s FY2025 budget!  This is thanks to State Rep. Jordan Harris, an incredible advocate for second chances and the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.  What he needs to get us in the budget is “letters – lots of them – from all across the state.”   

Click HERE to sign the letter that goes right to the Appropriations Committee

Getting Pardons Signed

Last September, we launched a letter-writing campaign that called on the Governor to sign the pardon recommendations that were on his desk. 950 people from 56 counties signed the letter. How did we do?  Not well.  As best we can tell, the Governor still has on his desk:

15 from last June 

7 from October (all unanimously recommended)

114 from November  (69 unanimous)

68 from January (51 unanimous)

103 from February (87 unanimous)

If he can fix the I-95 bridge in 12 days, he can surely sign pardons in 60 days. After all, these are people and families we are talking about, not just traffic jams.

Click HERE to sign the letter that goes right to the Governor’s Office

We can move mountains if we work together.

Please click, sign, send and share.

Thank you!