Protect Proposition 13

Sign the Petition to Oppose ACA 13

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13 (Ward; D- San Diego and Rivas; D-Salinas)seeks to limit the initiative process by shifting the power to raise the voter threshold for new and higher taxes away from voters and to the Legislature. ACA 13 is a last minute attack on Proposition 13 sponsored by the same public employee union group that spent almost $100M on Prop. 15 in 2020 – a Split Roll Property tax measure which we helped defeat.  


ACA 13 is meant to protect the recent court decisions that have removed the two-thirds tax vote thresholds on your properties. Most recently this loophole was used to pass Measure ULA in the City of Los Angeles, an $800M per year tax on apartments and commercial properties.


ACA 13 is a brazen attempt to change the Constitution to stop the CBPA co-sponsored Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act, which has qualified for the November 2024 ballot and will restore the two-thirds vote requirement on special taxes, fixing the Upland Loophole and protecting against future attempts at creating a Split Roll tax.


We need your help. Please take a moment to sign the petition to let your legislators know you oppose ACA 13. 


If you would like to do more to help please reply to this email for more information on contacting legislators directly and/or how to contribute to help fund the campaign to protect your rights.


Thank you for your support of our ongoing efforts to protect taxpayers from the continued attacks on Proposition 13.