Ring lights, mobile camera, action!

Operation Friendship is approaching 60 years, and we are compiling a video of...you!

We are asking for short, two- to three-minute videos and/or photos to be submitted to our cloud file to be edited together to make a 60th Anniversary celebration video in time for our International Meeting in April 2024.

We'd love to include your story!

Where to submit: Here, at our PicDrop page, where we can collect and curate them.

When to submit: no later than January 15, 2024.

Please read these guidelines for creating a good video, as well as some prompts to help you begin. These guidelines are also in PicDrop.

How to name your file: Year Participated_Your Country_First Name_Last name

For European friends: GDPR forms are coming, which will outline our use of the finished video.

Thank you from the O.F.I. work group: Charlotte, Elisha, Kristina, Roisin, and Viola

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