October 22, 2021

Dear Members,

The Nominating and Governance Committee is accepting nominations of director nominee candidates for the board at the 2021 annual meeting of Fencers Club. To be considered for nomination, please submit a letter of interest outlining your connection to Fencers Club, why you are applying and a brief biography to nominating@fencersclub.org by 5:00 p.m. EST on November 5, 2021. All applications are welcome and will be considered. 

Below is the criteria the Nominating and Governance Committee has established for nomination to the Board of Fencers Club. 


  1. The makeup of the Board should reflect the diversity of the Club’s membership.
  2. Directors should possess decision-making skills demonstrated by life experience, professional or athletic achievement 
  3. Directors should have a reputation for integrity and exhibiting exemplary standards of sportsmanship, business and professional conduct.
  4. In selecting director nominees, the Board should seek candidates with the commitment and ability to devote the time and attention necessary to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to the Club and its members.
  5. Directors should be accomplished in their respective field, with leadership experience in corporations or other complex organizations, including government, educational, arts and military institutions.
  6. The Board’s assessment of a director candidate’s qualifications includes consideration of skills and experience in the context of the needs of the Board.


These general criteria apply equally to the evaluation of all potential director nominees, including those recommended by members.


Fencers Club

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