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Thursday, February 3, 2022

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Call for ITGA Certificate Instructor

ITGA is excited to announce the refresh of the Certificate in Town-Gown Relations program and is seeking an instructor for the Partnerships in Economic Development module. This topic addresses the impact of the pandemic on the local economy and ways town-gown communities have leveraged partnerships to help foster economic recovery. Click here to learn more.

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National & International Headlines

Canadian Universities Rank Among Forbes Best Employers

The nation's universal healthcare system and policy of funded parental leave means companies have to distinguish themselves to attract and retain talent. One factor is corporate social responsibility and the impact employers have in their communities.

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Committee Seeks $3M From College Park Home Ownership Project

The College Park City-University Partnership is asking for support from the city council to proceed with a neighborhood stabilization project that would create more accessible housing. In some areas, only 20 percent of properties are owner-occupied

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Universities Win Funding for Local Improvement Projects

De Montfort University Leicester and the University of Leicester have been awarded £171,000 for an innovative project working with local groups to gain insight and improve services in core areas including education, health and environmental sustainability.

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Community & COVID 19 Response with Grinnell College & Grinnell, IA

Russell Behrens, City Manager of the City of Grinnell and Monica Chavez-Silva, Vice President for Community Engagement and Strategic Planning at Grinnell College, joined the podcasts to talk about their community's response to the COVID-19 experience.

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Would State College Benefit from Offering Remote Workers Money?

Should we offer $10,000 to persuade remote tech workers to move to State College? This concept is receiving a ton of media coverage and according to the website MakeMyMove, there are more than 50 programs with offers like this around the country.

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