Civic Dialogues

3CSN invites you to join us for our Spring 2022 series of Civic Dialogues, supported by Bringing Theory to Practice, designed to focus greater attention on civic engagement in higher education. 
The six-part series features national experts, scholars, and practitioners sharing and discussing the critical importance of civic engagement along with educational practices and models for increasing meaningful engagement on campuses. Register Here
Equitable Recovery in Action: Becoming Antiracist, Student Ready Institutions 
April 20, May 18, June 15, and July 20, 2022
All webinars will be held from Noon - 1:00pm

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office invites you to join the Chancellor's Office Webinar Series: Equitable Recovery in Action: Becoming Antiracist, Student Ready Institutions launching February 16, 2022.
In the midst of ongoing economic recovery, the pandemic and pervasive inequities in achievement, the need to accelerate system-wide has become even more urgent.
In this six-part series of webinars, the Chancellor’s Office will highlight ongoing efforts across the system to adopt, customize and scale equity-advancing strategies, tools and resources to facilitate systemic change and cultivate a more equitable, inclusive and transformative teaching and learning ecosystem. Informed by the core commitments of the Vision for Success, these webinars will focus on a range of issues required to becoming antiracist, student ready institutions, including but not limited to:
  • Re-designing funding structures by integrating DEI into decision-making processes, allocations, and program review to drive equity-centered student success and support institutional fiscal health and resiliency.
  • Leveraging technical assistance and technological innovations to support students’ financial success to accelerate goal completion.
  • Designing strategic enrollment management policies and practices as a lever for system wide change in expanding access, outreach, retention and completion.
May 28-31, 2022

NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence is the definitive gathering of community and technical college educators passionate about teaching and learning. Over the years, NISOD’s annual conference has provided faculty, administrators, and staff with the resources, ideas, and solutions that drive excellence in all areas of community and technical college campuses.
The Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning is currently accepting submission for its next issue. The deadline is May 15. You can find guidelines as well as their current issue and past issues here:
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Looking for other online events related to inclusive teaching or student equity? Check out the CEILS calendar of events for a curated list of local and national workshops, webinars, and conferences! The calendar is updated regularly.
Inaugural Florida PKAL Regional Network Meeting
Adapting to the Ever-Changing Higher Education Landscape
A Virtual Event on May 11, 2022
Hosted by Stetson University

STEM faculty members and administrators from both public and private 2-year and 4-year higher education institutions are invited to submit proposals for the 2022 Inaugural PKAL Regional Network Meeting: Adapting to the Ever-Changing Higher Education Landscape. Proposals from outside of Florida are welcome!
We invite proposals on the following topics:
  • Remote and digital learning is here to stay. How do we leverage technology to effectively teach our students-especially non-majors?
  • Adapting to a Non-R01 environment: How to make the transition to an undergraduate institution. It’s not a roadblock. It’s an opportunity to go around 
  • Academic integrity in an on-line environment
  • Helping adjuncts feel more connected to the campus community
Proposed sessions are for 40-minute facilitated sessions, incorporating time for discussion. Proposals require an abstract (250 words) along with learning outcomes (100 words). 

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The California Regional Collaborative is a regional network of 2- and 4- year institutions, working together towards improving overall outcomes in STEM higher education, and in particular for students and faculty from underrepresented groups.

We work with graduate students and other potential “future faculty” from groups that are underrepresented in academia to address the need to increase diversity in our regional colleges to better reflect the diversity of our students. These trainees will support teaching efforts, education research initiatives, and curriculum development needs in collaboration with their 2- year internship site. In addition, regional programming such as webinars, symposiums, conferences, panels, and other events supports both current faculty along with future faculty. This will be coupled with an assessment plan to understand regional needs and assess the impact of our work.
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