Healthy Victories January 2024

Celebrate Healthy Victories!

Del Norte CalFresh Healthy Living (SNAP-Ed) supports healthy, active and nourished lifestyles by teaching Del Norte residents about good nutrition and how to stretch their food dollars, while also building partnerships in communities to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

Visit Del Norte CalFresh Healthy Living website and learn more about nutrition and physical activity resources and healthful tips. Let's celebrate healthy victories that lead your families healthier and happier!

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Harvest of the Month

 We journeyed to our outlying communities to offer warm and nutritious Harvest of the Month demonstrations to pantry participants who were willing to brave the temperamental whether. A total of 94 people were able to try a potato, broccoli, cheddar smash on page 25 of the Kid’s Get Cookin’ cookbook and Elderberry Flower Tea from our CA Traditional Indian Drinks Guide. 

Harvest of the Month is a great way to encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables at home. Click HERE for some tips and tricks to storing, preparing, and delicious varieties of yummy Cruciferous vegetables!

Gardens can help us grow!

CalFresh benefits on the EBT card are to but food to help nourish your body. California SNAP allows you to spend those same benefits on plants and seeds that will grow food, thus nourishing your body and stretching your food budget.

Little Sprouts

The great grey beast of winter is finally settled upon us in Del Norte. With rain gear and galoshes, CalFresh Healthy Living treads forward into school gardens to meet little children where they grow. 123 students between The Yurok Tribal Headstart, Howonquet, Elk Valley Headstart, Northcoast Children’s Services Infant Toddler Center and Pine Grove Headstart all learned about Kiwis (the Harvest of the Month, a winter fruit that grows locally and is high in vitamin C) and planted some tasty root vegetables in their gardens.

Click HERE to learn more about Kiwi Fruit!

Kool Kiwi Kabob

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A Great Gardening Opportunity!

The goal of CalFresh Healthy Living is to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, where possible, by supporting healthy, active, and nourishing lifestyles. We advocate balanced nutrition, daily physical activity, hydration, and gardening. We utilize and build community partnerships to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

We are happy to partner with the Del Norte and Adjacent Tribal Lands Community Food Council as we host the Third Annual Seed and Plant Exchange to promote gardening as a means to eat good food that you can enjoy with the added benefit of physical activity that doesn't feel like work. This event will be held at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds from 11-4. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

This is a fun and free, family friendly opportunity. Check out their website for more information.

Your Local Community Food Council

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