In response to follow up inquiries, we are pleased to provide additional information about possible improvements to the Comcast bulk cable agreement.

After reading this additional information, we ask that you cast your vote at the end of this email (even if you voted on the previous email).

Master Management is seeking feedback from residents in order to guide how it may proceed with Comcast. The current bulk Comcast contract is in effect for another three and a half years. However, Comcast has agreed to renegotiate our agreement now.

Since the current contract began, costs have significantly increased, including the cost for cable television. Master Management is working on a new bulk package for the village that would include the following:

  • Three high definition cable boxes, one of which is a DVR for recording
  • A router/modem for internet service
  • Internet speeds of 100 mbps
  • Access to streaming services including NBC's Peacock+, and HBO+

In exchange for receiving the above package, fees would increase by $25 per month on your coupon. Many residents currently pay extra for some or all of these services. Purchasing these services outside a bulk agreement may cost more. Therefore, we ask that you take a look at your current bill and determine if this new bulk package would be advantageous for you.

Master Management is sensitive to the economic resources of some residents. This is why we are seeking feedback before deciding whether to further pursue the proposed new package deal at this time. The results of the survey will assist in guiding our deliberations.

Please let us know by answering the questions whether you would be in favor of the proposed package deal. Only one answer per email will be permitted.

Please note: Due to the nature of a community-wide bulk contract, the upcoming decision will apply Village-wide. Individual units will not have the ability to opt in or opt out.

Thank you.