CYFA and Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center Enter Into Restorative Practice Partnership.
CYFA and the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center (NVJDC) have partnered to implement Promoting Empathy through Equitable Resolution (PEER) and bring restorative practices to the detention facility to improve the lives of young people through healing and growth, transform the juvenile legal system, and increase community safety. 
Arlington, Virginia, May 14, 2021 - CYFA and NVJDC have partnered to bring restorative practices to the juvenile detention facility. Through PEER, CYFA and NVJDC are transforming systemic responses to adolescent harm through community-based initiatives that aim to promote connection, healing, and growth and to improve community safety.

Restorative justice provides an effective framework to ensure accountability, empower voice, rebuild relationships, and reintegrate into the community.  CYFA and NVJDC are collaborating to provide young people opportunities to advance health and well-being through restorative practice. To achieve its goals, CYFA and NVJDC are implementing a full spectrum of restorative practices that include facilitating wellness circles, understanding and addressing individual and collective needs, and training through PEER's anti-racism curriculum.

Restorative practice offers opportunities for supporting young people on their journey from accountability to community reintegration. Through this Restorative Practice Partnership, CYFA and NVJDC are providing resources to staff and young people to improve health and safety outcomes. Executive Director Johnitha McNair has been steadfastly committed to providing meaningful resources to staff and young people at the detention center and maintaining a climate that supports growth and possibility. Director McNair notes, "The partnership with CYFA advances NVJDC's goals for ensuring safety at the facility, enhancing youth life skills, and supporting reintegration services that increase community safety."

PEER is a data-driven initiative and CYFA and NVJDC will engage in robust data collection to evaluate the manner in which PEER is utilized and to inform programming. CYFA will analyze and report on outcomes twice per year.

If you would like to learn more about CYFA or PEER, please visit CYFA's website or contact CYFA by email.
CYFA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that works to transform fabric of family and community through restorative practices, education, and advocacy. CYFA employs collaborative approaches to create comprehensive solutions to the complex issues of racial and social justice. CYFA’s cross-system prevention initiatives are research-based and mission-focused: CYFA works to eradicate structural inequities and empower young people to create and achieve successful outcomes for self, family, and community.

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