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Columbia-Willamette Women of Vision

May 2023 Enews

What's on your business card?

This past winter, I attended a memorial service for an amazing 92-year-old woman, Mettie Williams, who attended the church I grew up in. She was the mother of six children, wife of a doctor, a quilter, a photographer, and a caring Christian woman. Mettie was one of those people who always had a twinkle in her eye and a burst of joy and excitement to share with others. So, at the service we listened, laughed, cried, and then heard the story of her business card.

Mettie owned rental properties and when they needed some maintenance, she rolled up her sleeves and made it happen. When she walked into the local paint shop, she was denied the business discount because she couldn’t produce a business card. A little later on, she entered the shop and presented the owner with her new business card: “Mettie W. Williams, Little Old Lady in Tennis Shoes.” She got the discount!

It made me think of what I would do to fight for my rights and dreams. In Women of Vision, what can we boldly do to make sure children growing up in poverty have a full life. What would our WOV business card look like?

We could begin with Women of Vision’s Four Pillars:

  • Fellowship with the Lord, with one another in WOV, and with those we serve in our projects
  • Faith and Spiritual Growth through prayer, following God’s calling in this ministry, and living out our faith
  • Knowledge about our Projects as we share our passion and information with others
  • Giving with a thankful heart, considering it a privilege and essential part of an active, living faith

If this doesn’t fit on a business card, how about an elevator speech to share with someone who has never heard of World Vision or Women of Vision?

By continuing our work within the Four Pillars, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families in Central America, Kenya, and around the world. 

As Rae Waterman so beautifully reminded us at last month’s, Share the Light event, the foundation—the ultimate pillar—is people meeting Jesus through World Vision and Women of Vision. Restoration wins, equality wins, justice wins, fullness of life wins.  

That would make a great business card!

Thank you for your partnership,

Ann Zelenka

Columbia-Willamette Women of Vision Co-Chair 

"I Wondered About That Too! "

We invite you to join other World Vision partners on Zoom  (passcode: 806476) at 5 p.m. (Pacific) on May 18th for this exclusive community group discussion call. Some of World Vision's most seasoned experts will answer your questions for all things World Vision. If you want to learn more about topics such as how World Vision implements our work in the field, or even if you're just curious to see what others are wondering about, then this is the place for you! 

Email the NLC Help Desk to RSVP and send us your questions ahead of time (sending questions is optional).  

Prayer Requests
Pray for a quick end to the conflict in Sudan
Pray for refugees who are fleeing danger, leaving so much behind
Pray for the work in Central America to end a culture of violence
Pray for the end of FGM and child marriage in Kenya

Summer Book Groups

June Summer Book Group

The Other Side by Juan Pablo Villalobos

Tuesday evening, June 13, 2023

6:30 to 7 p.m. Social time

7 to 8 p.m. Book discussion


July Summer Book Group

The Naked Don't Fear the Water: An Underground Journey with Afghan Refugees by Matthieu Aikins

Thursday evening, July 13, 2023

6:30 to 7 p.m. Social time

7 to 8 p.m. Book discussion

Watch your email for the Punchbowl invitation in June.

About Us

Women of Vision is a volunteer ministry of World Vision that cultivates dynamic partnerships resulting in significant investments of time, talent, and treasure in support of World Vision’s work, facilitating transformational impact in the lives of the poor and our supporters in the name of Christ. Please partner with us! Click here to learn what that means and update your commitment for this new year (or for the first time).

The Columbia-Willamette Chapter of Women of Vision supports World Vision's work in Kenya, Central America, and areas around the globe struck by disasters. We also volunteer at many local organizations to help the disadvantaged in our own community. Please read about this work on our website.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.