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  • Fridays in July, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • July 1 tickets
  • July 8 tickets
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  • General Admission: $20 per person / $16 club price
  • Vineyard Patio Seating: $180 per group of 6 / $144 club price
  • Picnic Table Seating: $150 per group of 6 / $120 club price
  • Upstairs Deck Seating: $150 per group of 4 / $120 club price

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Night Harvest Lighting & SWEEP Grants

July 15, 2022

With harvest right around the corner, you want to be prepared for safe and efficient night work. A panel of experts will share what works, what doesn’t work, OSHA requirements, and tractor safety so you can have a successful season.

Is your property a candidate for a SWEEP grant to reduce water use and greenhouse gas emissions? Learn about the application process, maximum grant awards, eligibility, and implementation so you can improve your land sustainably.

Night Lighting Speakers:

  • Ryan Paine, Lazer Starlights
  • Kyle Newman, Lazer Starlights

SWEEP Panel:

  • Kurt Gloeckler, Tule Technologies
  • Ian Vietti, Innovative Ag Services
  • Jacob Hernandez, WiseConn

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Podcast 138

138: 5 Tips for Your Wine Brand's Social Media | Marketing Tip Monday

The role social media has played in this broad expansion of human interaction cannot be understated. Whether it's for business or pleasure, social media often takes up a big chunk of what we do online and even how we spend our time.

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