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March 15, 2018
2018 CWAG Chair's Initiative
May 3-4, 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona
We are excited to announce that the CWAG Chair's Initiative, which will focus on cyber security, data privacy, and digital piracy, is just around the corner, and is drawing crowds from around the country!
Due to overwhelming response, the official CWAG room block is now sold out. There is a possibility to secure rooms via the Phoenician's website and/or third party booking sites. Alternatively, below you will find a list of other area hotels.
Area hotels within 2 miles of the Phoenician:
While the room block is sold out, registration is still open for a limited time . CWAG will close registration when we have met the capacity limits for the meeting space allocated for this initiative.

Thank you for your continued support of CWAG and CWAG Chair, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. We look forward to seeing you all in May!

If you are an existing sponsor you may use the registration code that was provided to you to register for the Annual Meeting. If you need your code re-sent, please contact Deputy Director Lauren Niehaus at  or 303.827.9039
Why Consumers Are Increasingly Willing to Trade Privacy for Convenience
Amazon and Walmart are testing boundaries
March 12, 2018

Consumers have long exchanged data for services they find valuable, like email addresses or location for free Wi-Fi and social media profiles for easier site logins, but they are starting to let platforms into their lives like never before, even going so far as to consent to vehicle tracking and access to their homes.

While many consumers are still uncomfortable with in-home deliveries in particular, this will likely change as long-term relationships with platforms like Amazon, Google and even Walmart evolve and the collective definition of privacy shifts along with what experiences consumers deem valuable. A May 2017 study at NYU showed that more than 75 percent of participants were willing to share intimate data with companies—provided the firms have a product or service they value.
Attorney General Racine Leads Coalition Urging Congress to Protect Long-Time Residents from Haiti and El Salvador
Letter to House, Senate Leaders Advocates for Bill to Allow TPS Beneficiaries to Remain
March 13, 2018

Attorney General Karl A. Racine led a coalition of 19 states in a letter urging congressional leaders to protect long-time residents of the United States from being forced to return to dangerous conditions in Haiti, El Salvador and other countries. The letter urges Congress to pass a bill allowing recipients of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from Haiti, El Salvador and other nations to adjust to permanent resident status.

Federal law provides for TPS, which offers temporary lawful status to foreign nationals in the United States from countries experiencing armed conflict, natural disaster, or other extraordinary conditions that temporarily prevent their safe return. The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a particular country for TPS for periods of 6 to 18 months, and can extend these periods if conditions do not improve sufficiently in the designated country.
Arizona AG Obtains $1,000,000 Consent Judgment Against Company For “Do Not Call” Violations
March 13, 2018

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced Adobe Carpet Cleaning, LLC is banned from making telemarketing calls for six years after repeatedly calling consumers on the “Do Not Call” Registry. In a consent judgment reached with the Attorney General's Office, Adobe Carpet Cleaning also agreed to pay the state $1,000,000 in civil penalties after making illegal telemarketing calls.
Schuette: Don't Let Fake Tickets Ruin March Madness
Michigan Attorney General releases alert on ticket scams ahead of March NCAA basketball tournament
March 13, 2018
With March Madness quickly approaching, Attorney General Bill Schuette today issued an alert advising consumers to be cautious of online ticket purchasing scams. “Some people are willing to spend top dollar on travel far and wide to see their favorite team compete in the biggest basketball tournament of the year,” said Schuette. “Michigan consumers should do their research and know the false sales tactics before making any purchases. You could be signing yourself up for counterfeit tickets or identity theft.”
Nevada Attorney General Laxalt Advises Consumers on Contracts Related to Goods and Services
March 9, 2018

Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt encourages consumers purchasing goods or services to be mindful of potential scams and to make sure they understand the obligations they are agreeing to and the benefits they are receiving. Many contracts for consumer goods or services can be enforceable whether they are oral or written. They can include goods and services such as Internet and television services, new and used cars, security alarm services, timeshares, residential services and others. Oral contracts are often made over the phone. Under certain conditions, an oral contract is not enforceable and must be in writing and “subscribed” to by the person it is enforced against. These conditions include when contracts last more than one year as laid out by the contract’s terms, when a promise is made to loan money or extend credit, when a promise is made to sell an interest in real estate, or when a promise is made to pay the debt of another. An oral contract is enforceable in most other situations. “Failing to read a contract or to understand the terms does not mean the contract is unenforceable,” said Laxalt. “It is critical that consumers ask questions, read any terms thoroughly, and understand what they are getting into before making a hasty decision.”
Colorado AG Coffman Unveils Top Ten Consumer Complaints and Inquiries for 2017
Debt Collectors are the top complaint once again
March 8, 2013

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week, the Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman unveiled her list of the top ten consumer complaints of 2017. During the 2017 calendar year, consumers filed 9,146 complaints and inquiries with the Consumer Protection Section of the Office of the Attorney General, a 5% increase over the 2016 total.
Wisconsin AG Schimel Celebrates National Sunshine Week with Record-Breaking Benchmarks for Office of Open Government
March 13, 2018

Attorney General Brad Schimel is recognizing National Sunshine Week and celebrating record-breaking benchmarks and accomplishments of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Open Government (OOG) in 2017. Attorney General Schimel created OOG in 2015 and has dedicated significant agency resources towards promoting open government across the state in the years since OOG’s creation. “Open government is good government,” said Attorney General Schimel. “Since I established the Office of Open Government in 2015, we have worked hard to respond to records requests faster and found new ways to make government more transparent. I am proud that local and state officials count on our office for advice on how to be more open, and that citizens ask for our help in letting the sun shine through their government.”
AG Coffman Announces Colorado Supreme Court Victory for Common Sense Education Reforms 
March 12, 2018
Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman commented on the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision in School District No.1 v. Masters :

“Today’s ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court is a major victory for public school students across the state. In 2010 the General Assembly passed an important bi-partisan law to improve education in our schools, instituting reforms to allow school districts more flexibility in managing staffing to ensure that teachers fit the educational mission of the school. This common sense approach maintained some employment protections for teachers but rightly prioritized the needs of children. We have incredible teachers working across Colorado, and this ruling in no way diminishes the work they do. Instead, the Supreme Court has confirmed the Legislature can continue implementing positive reforms for the benefit of our students.”
Montana Attorney General Fox Applauds U.S. District Court Recommendations in Polygamy Case
March 12, 2018

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced today a U.S. District Court judge adopted in full the findings and recommendations of a U.S. Magistrate judge in a case challenging Montana’s bigamy laws. In the case, Collier v. Fox, plaintiffs Nathan, Vicki, and Christine Collier sought to legalize their plural marriage. In 2015, the Colliers were denied a marriage license by Yellowstone County when Nathan Collier, who is legally married to Vicki Collier, wanted to legalize his domestic partnership with Christine Parkinson Collier. United States Magistrate Judge Timothy J. Cavan found the Colliers did not have standing to challenge Montana’s criminal bigamy laws. Vicki Collier is legally married to Nathan and the Colliers failed to provide any evidence she is suffering a constitutionally-recognized injury to that relationship. The Court found the State has not interfered in the Colliers’ way of life and the Colliers have not violated any laws. The Court recognized The United State Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of anti-polygamy laws in 1878, and is still followed by courts today.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Gun Bill
March 9, 2018

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 7026 into law Friday, the first gun control legislation enacted in the state after the Parkland school massacre on February 14. The law, known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, tightens gun control in several ways but also allows some teachers to be armed.
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Comments on Aftermath of Florida School Shooting
March 9, 2018

"Working together, this week, our state took quick action to secure Florida schools and protect students. I am extremely proud of Governor Rick Scott and every member of our legislature who voted in favor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, to make sure what happened in Parkland, less than a month ago, never happens again.

This legislation provides $400 million to hire more school resource officers and increase mental health services, gives law enforcement more authority to keep weapons out of the hands of mentally ill people courts have deemed a threat, bans bump stocks, raises the age to purchase a firearm and more crucial steps to keep students safe.

It also provides funding for my office to create a secure-reporting app to allow students to anonymously report concerning behavior. Students who survived the shooting are helping us develop, design and name the app."
Appeals Court Agrees with Washington AG Opinion on Local Marijuana Bans
Jurisdictions can ban marijuana sales under Washington law
March 13, 2018

A three-judge state court of appeals panel today ruled that local jurisdictions have the authority to ban marijuana sales, agreeing with Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s arguments. This is the first appellate court to rule on the issue. Judges in five trial-court cases have also agreed with the attorney general’s interpretation. The Attorney General’s Office intervened in the case to uphold the will of the voters and ensure proper interpretation of Washington’s marijuana law.
Wyoming Makes Cryptocurrency New Asset Class
March 13, 2018
Over the last several weeks, the Wyoming legislature has passed five bills into law that relate to the advancement of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And while all of these are notable, one law in particular makes Wyoming standout as being the first state to define cryptocurrencies as an entirely new asset class.
The Utility Token bill was designed to exempt specific cryptocurrencies from state money transmission laws and is the first of its kind to legally define the way in which specific types of crypto tokens are treated by regulatory bodies. The bill excludes “developers or sellers” of tokens from securities laws under the caveat that they meet certain conditions. In order to meet these requirements, the token must not be offered as an investment and must be a vehicle for exchange as a utility token.
Washington AG Files $5.6M Criminal Tax Theft Case Against Owner Of Tacos Guaymas
Largest sales suppression software case ever in Washington state
March 9, 2018

Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed charges against the owner of Tacos Guaymas restaurants for allegedly using “sales suppression software” for cash transactions, pocketing more than $5.6 million in sales tax. This is the largest “sales suppression software” in Washington state history –– and potentially the largest in the country. In addition to a potential prison sentence, the defendant faces up to $150,000 in penalties and could be liable for up to $5 million in restitution to the state.
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