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CWAG Associate Attorney General George Jepsen of Connecticut issued the following statement announcing that he will not run for reelection as Connecticut's Attorney General in the coming year: "I am announcing today that I will not seek a third term as Attorney General, a decision I finalized with my family over the last days. It has been the greatest honor of my professional life to serve as Attorney General for the State of Connecticut. While my love for the work of this office is undiminished, I am ready to pursue different challenges. I do so knowing that the men and women of the Office of the Attorney General will continue to serve and protect our state and its residents with distinction. They are superb public servants in the truest sense, and I am proud of the work we have done together. I do not yet know what my future holds, but look forward to advancing the interests of Connecticut for the remainder of my term and in other capacities."
CWAG Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona announced that he is part of bipartisan coalition of 11 attorneys general expressing strong opposition to the National Park Service's proposal to dramatically increase entrance fees at 17 national parks. Under the proposal, the per vehicle entrance fee would increase at the 17 parks during the five-month peak season from $25 or $30 to $70, including the Grand Canyon. Motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian fees would also increase by double or more at the 17 parks. The new fees would go into effect at the Grand Canyon beginning May 1, 2018. "Our parks belong to all Americans, who should be able to afford and enjoy them with their families for generations to come," said Attorney General Brnovich. "We have a responsibility to fund our national parks and address the maintenance backlog, but we have to preserve our national treasures in a way that doesn't limit access and potentially destroy local economies."
CWAG Attorney General Xavier Becerra of California announced a settlement with DIRECTV to resolve allegations that its California facilities unlawfully disposed of large volumes of hazardous waste - including hazardous batteries, electronic devices, and aerosols - and committed additional violations stemming from the mismanagement of such items. These acts constitute violations of California's Hazardous Waste Control Law, and of California's Unfair Competition Law, as such conduct gives DIRECTV a competitive advantage over other regulated entities that are complying with the law. By stipulation of the parties, the Alameda County Superior Court entered a final judgment incorporating the terms of the settlement. "Unlawfully disposing of hazardous waste can lead to serious health and environmental risks. That is why DA O'Malley and I are holding DIRECTV accountable today," Attorney General Becerra said. "The California Department of Justice will continue working to protect the health and well-being of our communities. We will prosecute those who violate our environmental laws."
CWAG Attorney General Bob Ferguson of Washington filed a multi-million dollar consumer protection lawsuit against ride sharing company Uber, alleging thousands of violations of the state's data breach notification law. Uber discovered a data breach potentially affecting 57 million passengers and drivers around the world, including the names and driver's license numbers of at least 10,888 Uber drivers in Washington. Under a 2015 amendment to the state's data breach law requested by Attorney General Ferguson, consumers must be notified within 45 days of a breach, and the Attorney General's Office also must be notified within 45 days if the breach affects 500 or more Washingtonians. This is the first lawsuit filed under the revised statute. "Washington law is clear: When a data breach puts people at risk, businesses must inform them," Attorney General Ferguson said. "Uber's conduct has been truly stunning. There is no excuse for keeping this information from consumers."
As a component of his consumer protection initiatives, CWAG Attorney General Hector Balderas of New Mexico released a draft of a powerful tool aimed at helping New Mexico consumers better understand purchasing solar power systems for their homes: Distributed Generation Disclosure Statement. During the 2017 Legislative Session, a bill was passed to ensure homeowners who sought to put solar on their roof-tops would have all the information they would need to make an informed financial decision. That bill requires the Attorney General to publish a form on which merchants will disclose the information required by the statute. Due to the importance of solar energy in New Mexico's economy, Attorney General Balderas is seeking comments on the proposed draft form before a final version is published at the end of the year. The minimal disclosures contained in the Distributed Generation Disclosure Statement will help consumers across the state to understand their solar power system purchase, lease, or power purchase agreement. The form mandates at the time of any agreement governing the financing, sale, or lease of any solar power system that the seller, leaser, or marketer must provide the agreement's key terms.
While many areas of the country are still reeling from the devastation of hurricanes Irma and Harvey, scam artists are now trying to sell flood-damaged vehicles in Washington state. The Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance estimates as many as 1 million vehicles flood-damaged vehicles could be sold to unsuspecting buyers nationwide. CWAG Attorney General Bob Ferguson of Washington and the Washington State Auto Dealers Association urge consumers not to be fooled by the perfect exterior condition of the car and the new car smell. A flood-damaged car may look normal, but almost always will have serious problems including mildew and corroded wires which can result in an electrical failure. "I am committed to protecting consumers from scams," Attorney General Ferguson said. "The more informed people are, the less likely they are to become a victim." Before you buy a used car, research the title and VIN number at and/or

CWAG Attorney General Xavier Becerra of California is suing Ashford University, an online for-profit school based in San Diego, and its parent company Bridgepoint Education for engaging in unlawful business practices. The lawsuit alleges that Ashford made false promises and furnished faulty information to students to persuade them to enroll. It also used illegal debt collection practices when students struggled to pay their bills. The complaint seeks restitution for students, a permanent injunction prohibiting similar activities in the future, and civil penalties from Ashford University.
CWAG Attorney General Marty Jackley of South Dakota announced that November marks the 6-month anniversary of the launch of the Project Stand Up Program. "Project Stand Up is proving to be an effective tool in the fight against drug abuse by identifying 244 drug subjects in 69 South Dakota jurisdictions," said Attorney General Jackley. "Allowing citizens to stand up to drug crime is s step in the right direction in fighting the ongoing national illegal drug epidemic."
Project Stand Up was launched statewide on May 18, 2017 with these partners: Attorney General's Office, Sanford Health, South Dakota Sheriff's Association, South Dakota Police Chiefs' Association and the South Dakota Department of Public Safety. Project Stand Up is a coordinated effort amongst law enforcement officials and healthcare providers statewide to standup to illegal drug use in South Dakota. Texting a tip is simple- just text 'drugs' to 82257. The tipster will be asked a series of questions for additional information. The level of involvement lies with the citizen, while always remaining anonymous.
CWAG Associate Attorney General Karl Racine of the District of Columbia announced that his office has secured a judgment against Rowena Scott, the former board president of the non-profit Park Southern Neighborhood Corporation (PSNC), for abusing her authority and acting contrary to the charitable mission of PSNC by siphoning non-profit funds from its 360-unit affordable apartment building at 800 Southern Avenue SE. The building fell into disrepair and financial distress, to the detriment of its tenants, Scott paid herself tens of thousands of dollars a year and gave herself free rent for a period of nearly nine years. After a trial to determine the amount of funds Scott improperly diverted from PSNC, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia has ruled that Scott must return $242,605.01 to the non-profit. "Preserving habitable affordable housing is a top priority for my office. The people charged with carrying out a not-for-profit mission to support such housing cannot be allowed misappropriate funds for their own benefit," said Attorney General Racine. "This recovered money will go toward the original mission of supporting safe and affordable housing for District residents."
Chris Coppin | Legal Director
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