MAY 9, 2023
President Meets with Congressional Leaders on Debt Limit

President Biden is meeting today with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other congressional leaders to discuss the looming deadline for raising the nation's debt limit. Republicans have proposed reverting to previous fiscal years' spending levels and cuts to social program that would require WIC to reinstitute waiting lists for the first time since the 1990s, and not provide benefits for nearly 250,000 participants.
Executive Order on Care and Caregiving
In mid-April, President Biden issued an executive order including 50 actions related to supporting care and caregiving for children and seniors and people with disabilities. The order aims to make child care more accessible and affordable for families, boost job quality for early educators and long-term care workers, and support family caregivers.
Congressional Research Services Report on Federal Protections for Pregnant and Nursing Workers
The Congressional Research Services published an In Focus report titled "New Federal Protections for Pregnant and Nursing Workers," discussing the Providing Urgent Maternal Protections (PUMP) for Nursing Mothers Act and Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). The report summarizes these two statutes, placing them in context and highlighting the ways they draw on and differ from existing laws. It explains who qualifies for accommodations, what employers must provide, and the limits of employers' responsibilities.
May Revise Out This Friday
Governor Newsom will soon unveil his updated 2023-24 California state budget proposal, known as the May Revise, on Friday. This revised proposal will outline the governor’s economic and revenue outlook and his administration’s policy priorities, including changes since the administration’s January budget proposal. The May Revise press event will be livestreamed on the @CAgovernor Twitter page, California Governor Facebook page and the Governor’s YouTube page.  Once the press conference begins, the Department of Finance will post a summary document of the May Revision at
CWA Annual Conference - That's a Wrap!

If you were with us in April for our annual conference, Embracing Opportunity and Health for Children and Families, then you know it was a week full of engaging speakers, valuable content, questions and answers. Shout out to exhibitors and sponsors, key partners for WIC’s success, and to you, the attendees! Did you attend, but miss out on a session you were hoping to catch? Attendees can also return at a later date and watch all presentations and check out trade show materials on the conference platform until June 15th, 2023.
Vote for CWA on the Target Circle App!

CWA has been chosen by Target as a nonprofit partner. Now through June 30, you can vote for CWA using the Target Circle app if you live in the following areas of California:

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Foods Packaged for Kids are Higher in Sugar and Lower in Nutrition
Products with marketing that appealed to children were higher in sugars and lower in all other nutrients, according to the study, published Wednesday in the journal PLOS One. The study looked at nearly 6,000 packaged foods to analyze their number of marketing strategies aimed at children and their nutritional information.

CDC to Scale Back Data Collection as US Ends COVID Health Emergency
The CDC said last week it would stop reporting or monitoring COVID-19 case data and transmission rates after the government ends the pandemic's public health emergency designation on May 11th. The agency will stop using its color-coded COVID-19 Community Levels (CCL) system, which relies on those metrics to track the spread of the virus and will instead primarily rely on hospital admission data.
Odds of Miscarriage Reduced in Association With Healthy Diet
For healthy women of reproductive age, the odds of miscarriage are reduced in association with a healthy diet, high in fruits and vegetables, according to a new review of data from twenty studies.

Smoking Cessation Linked to Lower Likelihood of Food Insecurity
When a tobacco user quits smoking, their household is less likely to experience food insecurity in the following year, according to a new study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health (SPH) published in Annals of Epidemiology.

Children Particularly Vulnerable to Effects of Climate Change
Children are uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change, a new report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows. Climate change can affect learning, physical health and housing security, which can last throughout the child's life, according to the report.

ACEs Raise Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
People who experience more childhood adversity, such as family poverty, the illness or death of family member or negative family dynamics, have increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes in early adulthood, according to study findings.

Keeping Up Healthy Eating Habits on the Road
More in-person conferences and business meetings are happening these days, and the season of summer vacations is also approaching. Sometimes travel can tank our healthy eating habits, but it doesn't have to! Here are some tips from a dietitian on how to maintain healthy food habits while traveling.
USDA FNS/WIC Data Sharing Guidance: Just released policy memorandum to guide states and local agencies as they modernize and improve outreach, streamline enrollment and certification, improve care coordination and access to benefits programs.

The Center for WorkLife Law and A Better Balance released an updated know-your-rights guide for lactating workers titled “Talking to Your Boss About Your Pump.” The guide is also available in Spanish.

A new Kids Eat Right toolkit, "Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids
Unemployment Assistance, Debt Counseling, and Financial Literacy
Although being unemployed is never easy and looking for a job is a job in itself, WIC Can Help by referring families to the following resources that can assist with everything from job training to learning how to get out of debt after lost wages from not working.
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