AUGUST 3 2021
House Holds Hearing on Federal Child Nutrition Programs

Last week the House Education & Labor Civil Rights and Human Services Subcommittee held a hearing on federal nutrition programs for young children and infants, including WIC. This hearing further informed members of Congress on opportunities to streamline and modernize WIC and the need to pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year.
House & Senate Appropriators Continue Markup Before Recess
The House voted in favor of the bill that funds the Agriculture Department, the Food and Drug Administration, and related agencies. The bill includes critical investments from the President’s Budget that will enhance the WIC benefit and extend the Cash Value Benefit (CVB) increase for vegetables and fruits through September 2022. The USBC published a detailed analysis of the Fiscal Year 2022 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies and Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies (Labor-HHS) appropriations report as it relates to infant feeding in a blog titled "Fiscal Year 2022 House Labor-HHS Appropriations Report Released."
Public Health Emergency Declaration Renewed
On July 20th U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has extended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) for an additional 90 days. This means that the telehealth and other waivers and flexibilities - including WIC flexibilities - that have been implemented during the PHE will remain in effect until at least October 20, 2021. 
Gubernatorial Recall Election to Be Held Sept. 14th

The CA secretary of state certified on July 1st that recall supporters submitted 1,719,900 valid signatures — enough to trigger a recall election. That means:
  • An election will be held on Sept. 14. Voters will receive ballots in the mail beginning on Aug. 16. You can send your ballot back by mail, or vote in person.
  • Voters will be asked two questions: Do they want to recall Governor Newsom, yes or no? And, if more than 50% of voters say “yes,” who should replace him? 
CA to Roll Out Universal Free School Meals
When classrooms in California reopen for the fall term, all 6.2 million public school students will have the option to eat school meals for free, regardless of their family's income. The undertaking, made possible by an unexpected budget surplus, will be the largest free student lunch program in the country.
Gov. Newsom Signs AB 133
Governor Newsom signed AB 133 in July at Clinica Sierra Vista in Fresno, investing in expanded behavioral health initiatives supporting California youth and people with severe behavioral health challenges, including those experiencing homelessness; extending Medi-Cal eligibility for postpartum individuals; expanding Medi-Cal to eligible CA residents over 55 regardless of citizenship status; supporting continued telehealth flexibilities; and advancing the state’s innovative CalAIM initiative. AB 133 also contains new provisions for local WIC agencies to have contract flexibility, and funding for a WIC book program pilot.
The WIC Worksite Wellness Step It Up Challenge is HOT this summer!

Have you been following our Step It Up Challenge? WHOA! We just finished Round 2, with almost 14 million steps total, over 30 teams, and over 150 WIC Walkers all over California. So amazing!
Round 1 Winner: Long Beach Walk Stars (LBWS are the team to beat!)
Round 2 Winner: Red Hot Chili Steppers (hey Stockton, stepping it up!)
Please give them a shout out and join us in saying congrats, and also in celebrating everyone getting out there and walking. We are walking all over the world on this challenge. Check out more info on CWA’s main page if you are just now reading about it. 
The Sole Sisters from Santa Rosa!
Join Us For Wellness Wednesdays!

Save the August dates for Wellness Wednesdays listed in this month’s newsletter. We have decided to only run with LIVE events. Are you interested in facilitating? Let Jodi know, or sign up here. Your facilitation of one Wellness Wednesday session (or more) counts towards Well WIC Worksite Recertification. Additionally, your PARTICPATION in Wellness Wednesday as a spectator, also counts towards certification and recertification.
More WIC Works Webinars Coming Up!

CWA’s WIC Works webinars coming up exclusively for WIC agencies. All WIC staff are invited! We are happy to inform you that the following virtual sessions are eligible for CE units. Please contact Thuy if you have any questions or concerns at We look forward to seeing you at the webinars!

Do Your Families Love the CVB Increase? We Want to Hear About It!

There's a big difference in what a family can buy with $11 for fruit and veggies vs. $35. We've heard our WIC families are loving the change and would love to keep the increased benefit - we'd love to keep it too! Send us quotes (with first name and town) so that we can pass on to our members of Congress how their constituents are benefitting from the increased CVB, and boost awareness on social media - our social media images are free for your local agency to use as well!
ACOG and SMFM Recommend Pregnant People Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now recommends that all pregnant individuals be vaccinated against COVID-19. According to the CDC, pregnant people are at an increased risk for death and complications from COVID-19. Yet, only about 22% of pregnant individuals have received one or more doses of the vaccine. 

Early-Life Program Significantly Improves Infant Weight at 12 Months
A program that implemented behavioral and community-level interventions at community health centers, beginning in early pregnancy, significantly decreased the percentage of infants overweight at 6 and 12 months compared to infants at control sites.

Pandemic Aid Programs Spur Drop in Poverty
The huge increase in government aid prompted by the coronavirus pandemic will cut poverty nearly in half this year from pre-pandemic levels and push the share of Americans in poverty to the lowest level on record, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of a vast but temporary expansion of the safety net.

Face Mask 1
Mask Up!
In communities with growing caseloads of COVID-19 infections, vaccinated and unvaccinated people should return to wearing masks indoors in public areas, health officials say.
Disaster Preparedness
Unfortunately, the events of disasters (especially wildfires, as we're all keenly aware) in California have been increasing, and it is a trend that is expected to continue. While many federal, state, and local agencies invest in resources for disaster readiness, the special needs of vulnerable populations during disasters are often disregarded. WIC Can Help by being aware of resources for themselves and WIC families.
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