APRIL 18, 2023
McCarthy Delivers Speech on Debt Limit

Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave a speech indicating that House Republicans will not support increasing the federal debt limit and urging cuts to social program spending that would require WIC to reinstitute waiting lists for the first time since the 1990s, and not provide benefits for nearly 250,000 participants.
Senate Agriculture Starts Farm Bill Hearings This Week
Starting this week, the Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a series of hearings on programs set to be renewed in the upcoming Farm Bill. While WIC does not fall under the purview of this hearing, the Committee is expected to discuss proposed changes to SNAP. Farm Bill reauthorization also provides an important opportunity to improve interoperability and coordination between WIC and other nutrition programs. 
New USDA Data on Child Food Insecurity Shows Racial Disparities
Last week, USDA released a new analysis of census data on household food insecurity, showing persistent racial disparities in food insufficiency for households with children. Data from December 2021-March 2023 reveals that Black and Hispanic children were more likely to live in households that sometimes or often did not have enough food to eat than Asian and white non-Hispanic children.
CWA Annual Conference - That's a Wrap!

If you were with us last week for our annual conference, Embracing Opportunity and Health for Children and Families, then you know it was a week full of engaging speakers, valuable content, questions and answers. Shout out to exhibitors and sponsors, key partners for WIC’s success, and to you, the attendees! Did you attend, but miss out on a session you were hoping to catch? Attendees can also return at a later date and watch all presentations and check out trade show materials on the conference platform until June 15th, 2023.
Congratulations CNC Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to the 2022-23 California Nutrition Corps Scholarship recipients. These WIC staff are completing their dietetic internship, on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and completing their graduate degrees. 
Access and Equity in Health Care
A national study found that in counties with even just one physician who is Black, patients who are Black, live longer and had lower mortality, among other improved health metrics, even if they were not provided care by a Black physician. 

Perinatal Weight Stigma Delays Care, Disrupts Trust
Women who have experienced weight stigma may avoid seeking needed care surrounding pregnancy, including prenatal care, treatment for infertility, and lactation support. In a study of over 500 women, nearly 20% reported experiencing weight stigma in health care, 8% reported changing providers due to how they were treated regarding their weight, and 11% reported not trusting their provider due to past experiences of weight stigma.
No Evidence for Effectiveness of "Lactation Cookies"
A recent study found no evidence for the effect of consuming "lactation cookies" on milk production, perceived insufficient milk, or breastfeeding self-efficacy in exclusively breastfeeding parents with an overall adequate perceived milk supply.

Infant Gut Microbiome Could Be Used to Predict T1 Diabetes
Children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have differences in their gut microbiome at age 1 year from those without diabetes. Gut microbiome composition during infancy may be used to predict future diabetes risk.

Why an Outdoor Workout is Better for You Than Indoors
Last week at the CWA conference we heard from Richard Louv about the importance of Vitamin N and connecting with nature in any way. Research suggests moving your workout outside can be a simple way to magnify its benefits, not only for thinking but also health, happiness, fitness and motivation — a timely message as springtime temperatures rise, leaves bud, days lengthen and the outdoors beckons.
From CA Health Care Foundation and Kaiser Family Foundation, a survey of CA employers providing health plan benefits. The coverage by firms of health plan benefits, costs of premiums and deductibles and more.

CalKIDS Program promotional toolkit and April offer for an extra $50 to CalKIDS participants

Webinars from San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition:
·      Cannabis, Birth Trauma, Oxytocin and Stress: Impacts on Pregnancy and Lactation, Saturday 04/29/2023 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM PT, Register here
·      Misinformation Can Harm Your Clients & Not Practicing Self Care Can Harm You, Friday 05/26/2023 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM PT, Register Here

2023 San Diego County Breastfeeding Resource Guide Now Available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin

2023 Breastfeeding Rights Cards from San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition and the California Women's Law Center
Unemployment Assistance, Debt Counseling, and Financial Literacy
Although being unemployed is never easy and looking for a job is a job in itself, WIC Can Help by referring families to the following resources that can assist with everything from job training to learning how to get out of debt after lost wages from not working.
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