MARCH 9, 2021
Senate Passes American Rescue Plan

On Saturday the Senate passed President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, including critical WIC investments and expansions to the Child Tax Credit. The bill now heads back to the House.
FDA Statement on Congressional Report Regarding Heavy Metals in Infant Food
The FDA has released an updated statement following the House Oversight Committee's report last month finding high levels of toxic metals in popular infant food products. The letter reminds manufacturers of existing obligations to ensure food safety but does not yet commit to increased enforcement or regulation.
Congress to Consider Pregnancy Discrimination Bill

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has been reintroduced in the House repeatedly since 2012, and is now under consideration again, with over 225 cosponsors. The bill would provide a clear channel for recourse in the event of pregnancy discrimination.
Growing Motivation to Include Doula Care in Medicaid

Researchers have found that people who delivered babies with doula support had lower preterm birthrates than those who did not. The Mamas First Act would have required states’ Medicaid programs to cover doula and midwifery services. Moore plans to reintroduce the bill in 2021.
WIC Special Project Grants Awarded

Congratulations to PHFE WIC, awarded a project grant to address the gaps in serving Black mothers and also strategies for building the Black workforce at WIC, building upon the CinnaMoms model. 
Resilience: Supporting WIC Families - CWA Annual Conference

CWA’s annual conference and trade show addresses front line care and also needed systems changes. If you plan to attend, come ready to share your ideas, feel energized and strong. The draft agenda is posted and registration is open. Scroll here for all the info. Questions? You can contact Meghan
Study Shows Chilling Effect of Public Charge
Immigration policies like the Trump-era expansion of the "public charge" rule that made it harder for immigrants on public assistance to obtain legal residency can have a chilling effect on the health and well-being of immigrant communities in California, according to a study released today by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Social Media Use Linked to Increased Eating Disorder Risk for Children
New research suggests that children who spend time on social media are at increased risk of developing binge eating disorder. Each additional hour that children spent on social media was associated with a 62% higher risk of binge-eating disorder one year later, and each extra hour spent watching or streaming television or movies was linked with a 39% higher risk of binge-eating disorder one year later. 

Earlier Introduction to Peanuts May Prevent Allergy Later in Life
Introducing peanuts at an earlier age appears to reduce the number of children children with peanut allergy later in life. Researchers reported a 16% decrease in peanut allergy prevalence among infants following the publication of new infant feeding guidelines in Australia that recommended introducing peanuts before age 12 months for all infants.

Coffee for Good Heart Health
Coffee lovers just got another boost for their beverage choice when recent modeling of risk factors found in 3 large studies on heart disease, identified coffee, black and caffeinated, for some positive heart health effects.
School Meals During Pandemic School Closures  
  The "CA Meals for Kids" mobile app has been updated to help students and families find meals during COVID-19-related emergency school closures. It's available on Apple, Android, or Microsoft mobile devices. Download it here:
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