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Leading Through Service, Even When Shift Happens!
  2021-06-03  8:00 am - 9:30 am

Dr. Bill Withers returns to the Cedar Valley to share insights into our post-pandemic organizations, what’s changed for those of us who lead, and what’s timeless and stays the same! 

Free for CVNA members; $25 non-members

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The Future of Charitable Giving….How Should Your Non-Profit Pivot To Be Ready Now?
 2021-10-05 1:30-3:30 pm

Online Event

Learn how to implement new strategies and goals to adapt your charitable giving plan in a post COVID-19 world.  This message will speak to all non-profits who are seeking charitable support, as well as their board and development related committees.

Presenter: Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Registration details coming soon.
Virtual Cocktail Event
 2021-06-30  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Come join us as we present to you the 2021 CVNA Strategic Plan. We will share the survey results that guided the plan, and give you an overview of what’s ahead for the association – and ultimately our members. In addition, the CVNA is pleased to announce a new Coordinator will be coming on board. Come and meet her. Enjoy a cocktail, or drink of your choice, as we gather in our virtual space.

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CVNA's 2021 Program Line Up

Note. Programs will be online and/or in person based on safety regulations.
Community Events
Racial Equity Nonprofit Leader Cohort

This is the culmination of your ideas, engagement, and desire to work together in leveling up our commitment to racial equity in our organizations. 

This cohort will be associated and aligned with the Economic Inclusion Network through Grow Cedar Valley. At this time we will operate as a cohort specifically focused on racial equity work within our nonprofit and community-serving organizations. 

You are invited to attend our inaugural meeting on Wednesday, June 16th from 2:00-4:00pm.

At this time our focus is on involving top-level leaders of nonprofits and community-serving organizations. Our hope is that their engagement will ensure the racial equity work is valued and pursued within their organization. We do envision a future in which we more broadly engage staff at all levels, but at this stage we are looking for organizational leaders and board chairs primarily. 

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Cultural Immersion Workshop - June 25

Struggling to dip your toe in the diversity conversation? Start here.

Learn how to have an effective voice in the conversation, at the executive table, around the kitchen table, or with passionate individuals in the community.

Expand your cultural vision in life & business when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as leaders in life and in business.

Learn aspects about yourself and your industry that will help you stand out, be unique and expand your cultural vision in life and in business. More here.
Job Opportunities
Grant Coordinator

The Otto Schoitz Foundation seeks a highly organized and resourceful Grant Coordinator to support the Foundation’s mission and grantmaking processes. The responsibilities of the Coordinator are varied, consisting of professional grant-related functions along with general office duties. This position is fulltime and is not required to fundraise.


Site Maintenance and Prep Coordinator

The Site Maintenance and Prep Coordinator (SMPC) is responsible for property maintenance, construction prep and warranty work for Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity. The SMPC will work with the construction manager and other construction, neighborhood services and ReStore staff members to ensure all Iowa Heartland Habitat property is tracked, well-maintained, and cared for. The SMPC will work with the construction manager to prepare all job sites for new construction or renovation. Lastly, the SMPC will be responsible for warranty calls as needed on closed Iowa Heartland Habitat projects.

Warehouse and Procurement Supervisor

The Warehouse and Procurement Supervisor (WPS) is responsible for the overall daily operation of the IowaHeartland Habitat for Humanity warehouse. The WPS will oversee all materials procurement (including in-kind donations for construction and ReStore), inventory management, purchasing, and warehousing – with a focus on cost-efficiency, organization, and space utilization.

Director of Finance

The right candidate will be part of the management team that works together to develop appropriate goals and strategies to advance the mission of the organization.

Summer Assistant (AmeriCorps 4-H)

Who would be a great candidate: Anyone who loves working with school-aged youth. This position requires a high school diploma or the equivalent. Do you know of a college student home for the summer needing a resume-building experience? Do you know of a school teacher looking to pay off some student loans and wouldn’t mind having some fun this summer?  

High School Education Coordinator

The High School Education Coordinator is responsible for organizing the High School programing with the assistance of the Education Committee and Secondary Education Coordinator. The High School programming includes monthly financial education lessons; earnings based on grades, school attendance and behavior, and mentoring. The mission of The Job Foundation is to equip K-12 students and their families for economic advancement. 

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