June 2024

Todd J. Pokrywa, President of The Viera Company, talks about several of the newest communities in Viera.

Todd Talks - Viera Communities

Presidents Corner

Viera's Big Year Update

Eva Rey,

President of Central Viera Community Association

We are now about halfway through our birding contest – Viera’s Big Year. I thought it would be interesting to see what birds are currently in the lead for most sightings. I was a little surprised by the results as I thought for sure I would see the Sandhill Crane high up on the list for sightings, but the data doesn’t lie. The caveat to these results is that the same bird could be seen by multiple contestants. For instance, if two contestants are out and about birdwatching and see the same bird, they can both report it. So, while there may be some duplication, these birds are receiving the most sightings from all contestants participating.


Pool Safety

Hunter Parviainen,

The Viera Company

Summer is here, meaning more days spent in the sun and in the water. We have previously discussed Beach Safety in Brevard County, https://www.cvcaviera.com/news/brevard-beach-safety/ , however it is important to note differences in safety measures for pools specifically. Tons of Floridians have pools in their homes or have access to community pools nearby.


Public vs. Private Pools:

Public pools all have signs with rules displayed somewhere on property, including, but not limited to, no diving, no running around the pool, no young kids allowed unsupervised, etc. Following the designated rules at a public pool is vital for a safe experience.


Survey Says!

Every month we are asking residents to answer a question just for fun!

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New to Viera or have you been here a while and want to know the facts? You should attend one of our monthly FREE Resident Orientation meetings. These two-hour classes will help keep you informed about our history, governance, local ordinances, environmental issues and so much more....including the Roundabout.


August 29

September 25

October 22

All classes are held at Addison Village Club and begin at 6:00pm.

For more information or to RSVP, email or call Hunter Parviainen: hunter.parviainen@duda.com / 321-242-1200

With evergreen leaves, this vine is known for its bright clusters of blooms. The flowers are hummingbird and butterfly attractors and the berries are songbird favorites.

  • Prefers full sun
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be ground cover
  • Grows up to 15' in length
  • Non-invasive

For more information visit:

UF/IFAS Gardening Solutions