April 2024

Todd J. Pokrywa, President of The Viera Company, talks about the growing amount of sports tourism on the space coast.

Todd Talks - Sports Tourism


Lethal Bronzing Disease in Palms

Eva Rey, President

Central Viera Community Association

When you look around Viera, as well as much of Florida, you see a lot of palm trees. All different kinds of palm trees. Palm trees elicit visons of a tropical paradise, warm breezes, beaches, and vacations. Here in Florida, we are lucky to have them as part of our normal landscape. So much so, we even take them for granted a little bit. However, like most living things, palm trees are subject to diseases that kill them. Lately, our community has seen an uptick in a disease called lethal bronzing.

The disease, as its name suggests, is lethal and there is no cure once a tree is infected.

Lethal bronzing was first detected in Hillsborough County in 2006. Since then, it has spread to about half of Florida’s counties, including Brevard. Although it was first discovered in Canary Date Palms, it has now spread to other species of palms including Christmas Palm, Bismarck Palm, Pindo Palm, Carpentaria Palm, Coconut Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Edible Date Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Wild Date Palm, Fiji Fan Palm, Buccaneer Palm, Mexican Palmetto, Cabbage Palm, Queen Palm, and Chinese Windmill Palm. It is expected that the disease will continue to spread to other species of palms found in Florida.



Changes in Florida Spring Gardening

Hunter Parviainen

April showers bring May flowers, so let’s start planting now, everyone’s learning how! Spring is here which means warmer weather, more rain, and for some, it is the optimal time for gardening! As we approach summer, now is the time to switch to warm-weather plants.


The United States Department of Agriculture has established certain zones designating what plants grow best in certain climates. Brevard County recently changed hardiness zones, or planting zones. Mainland Brevard County is now in planting zone 10; previously Brevard County was 9b. What does this mean for gardening? Zone 10 has warmer minimum temperatures compared to 9b, however the warmer temperature also extends the growing period for plants, and adds a new variety of plants to be grown (more tropical and subtropical plants).

More tropical and subtropical plants can now be planted in Brevard County and thrive! Aloe plants work as a great indoor or outdoor plant that can add some dimension to your landscape. Azaleas are brightly colored flowers that are perfect for Brevard’s climate! 


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This is a great beginner plant because it doesn't require much attention and can be grown in a pot indoor or outdoor.

  • Great for minor burns
  • Drought tolerant
  • Outdoor plant has flowers
  • Can grow up to 2'
  • Hardy succulent

For more information visit:

UF/IFAS Gardening Solutions