CUE Chronicles: May Edition

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Capture Your World: Photography Camp

CUE hosted a Photography class along with BGEG & Inneract Project.

Creative Minds at Work: Students Present Photos That Capture Life's Essence

The Center for Urban Excellence (CUE) teamed up with Inneract Project and BGEG to host a vibrant photography camp that aimed to ignite creativity and foster learning among youth. The turnout was nothing short of fantastic, as eager young photographers and their parents gathered to explore the fundamentals of photography in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Throughout the camp, participants delved into the basics of photography, from understanding camera settings to mastering composition techniques. Led by skilled Photographer So Yem, youth were encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore the world through the lens of a camera.

Through the Lens: Youth Unleashing Creativity at Our Photography Camp

CUE at Sacramento State!!!

Empowering Youth Leaders: CUE Partners with Elevate Youth CA and Solano County WDB for Fostering Resilience Program College Tour  

The Center for Urban Excellence (CUE), in collaboration with Boys & Girls Empowerment Group and Lady Echelon Project Inc., headed to California State University, Sacramento on May 1st. Over 30 students aged 12-26 from Vallejo and Greater Solano County embarked on a campus tour. 

During our visit to California State University, Sacramento, CUE had an enriching experience exploring the campus and engaging in various educational activities. Students had the opportunity to witness the sit in for the Palestine protest while strolling around the campus. Lunch was enjoyed in the University Union among current students.

Professor Alton William, a longstanding supporter of our organization, graciously hosted us in his lecture "Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society." Youth participated in discussion about societal responses to crime, exploring institutions narrative related to juveniles and adults and it's societal impacts. It was a valuable firsthand experience for our youth and young adults.

We visited "Improve Your Tomorrow," a mentorship initiative, where students were thrilled to recognize one of the Spellman Twinz, an identical twin pop duo from Social Media. We discussed the importance of community and mentor for young men of color on campus.

Our visit concluded with a stop at the MLK Center, a pivotal site for cultural and educational activities, as well as a study space.


We extend our gratitude to Elevate Youth CA and Solano County WDB for their support.

Unlocking Opportunities: Join CUE at the CalFresh Resource Fair!

CUE will be participating at the upcoming CalFresh Resource Fair! Join us for an informative and engaging event where we'll be showcasing our services and resources.

Mocha Autism Network Community Day

Autism directly affects one in 36 children in the United States and countless more families.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Mocha Autism Network on May 25th at 10 am for Mocha Autism Day. Join us at the Boys and Girls Empowerment Group @ 1638 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, CA. Together, we strive to create a nurturing and understanding community for parents navigating the challenges and triumphs of raising an inclusive community. Your presence and participation would be invaluable in making this event a success.

Join @mochaautism as they provide information and helpful tips for you.

In case you missed it...

Thank You to Our Workforce Wednesday Presenters!!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Workforce Wednesday presenters who have generously shared their insights and expertise during our Winter session. Their contributions have been invaluable in guiding and empowering our participants towards success.

Vanessa Beals, with her captivating journey into the world of digital marketing, inspired our audience with her passion and experience. Ada Brown, as the founder/CEO of the Lady Echelon Project, provided invaluable wisdom and leadership. Simeon Gant, from Green Tech Education and Employment Organization, offered valuable perspectives on green technology and employment opportunities. Vincent James, Manager of Recruitment and Classification at the East Bay Municipal Utility District, shared invaluable knowledge about recruitment strategies. Patrick Scott, representing the nonprofit 1hundredyears, brought unique insights into nonprofit management and advocacy. Lastly, Ty Robinson, owner and operator of Anisha’s Niche Creations, shared her expertise in entrepreneurship and culinary arts, offering a glimpse into the world of bakery and café operations.

We are sincerely grateful for the time, effort, and expertise they have dedicated to our Workforce Wednesday sessions. Their inspiring contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of our participants, guiding them towards brighter futures.

CUE In The Classroom

“The Media and Me: A Guide to Critical Media Literacy for Young People” was adopted for Teacher education in one of nation’s largest public-school districts.

With youth and young adults engaging over eleven hours daily in various media, it's crucial they understand its profound influence. 'The Media and Me' empowers readers to navigate media wisely. It delves into media's intricate power dynamics, offering tools for discerning consumption and active creation, from understanding storytelling to recognizing biases and beyond. 

Educators: The Teaching Guide is available here

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