CUE Chronicles: April Edition

April showers bring

May flowers!

Kicking off Spring Break!

We hosted a Spring Break Design Camp along with BGEG & Inneract Project.

Creative Minds at Work: Students Engage in Design Planning - Week of March 23, 2024

This Spring Break week, we collaborated with the Boys and Girls Empowerment Group and Inneract Project to host an exciting Design Camp! Welcoming eager students, the camp provided a creative platform for them to explore their imaginations and design skills. The youth responded to two prompts: design an a shoe that solves a social problem or redesign your Cities logo! One of the highlights was the opportunity for participants to design, paint and market their very own shoes, unleashing their ingenuity onto canvas. Throughout the process, young adult mentors provided guidance, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration. The culmination of the camp was the presentation session, where each student proudly showcased their unique shoe designs to the group, sparking inspiration and admiration. It was a week filled with innovation, teamwork, and boundless creativity, leaving lasting impressions on all who participated.

Sole Creations: A Gallery of Unique Shoe Designs

Easter Extravaganza: A Weekend of Painting, Egg Hunts, and Family Fun!

Marching into Creativity: Children Dive into Shoe Painting -

March 30th, 2024

The Easter event lead by the Boys and Girls Empowerment Group at Richardson Park in Vallejo, CA was a community celebration filled with joy and excitement, that drew in nearly 1200 people!

Children's faces lit up as they received Easter baskets on arrival. Laughter filled the air as kids eagerly participated in an Easter egg hunt, tug a war, and art making activities.

With paintbrushes in hand, under the guidance of CUE, young people unleashed their creativity transforming blank show canvases into vibrant works of art.

Capture Your World: Photography Camp

CUE is thrilled to announce another collaboration with Inneract Project and BGEG to host a photography camp! Join us for the fundamentals of photography. Sign up today!


Autism directly affects one in 36 children in the United States and countless more families. 

Join @mochaautism as they provide information and helpful tips for you throughout April and beyond.

CUE heads to Sacramento State!!!

Space is limited. Register by 4/10/2024

Empowering Youth Leaders: CUE Partners with Elevate Youth CA, Solano County WDB, and Black Diamond Exclusive Transportation for Fostering Resilience Program College Tour 
Vallejo, CA – April 4, 2024 - The Center for Urban Excellence (CUE), in collaboration with Boys & Girls Empowerment Group and Lady Echelon Project Inc., is proud to announce an enriching opportunity for 40 Vallejo and Greater Solano County youth to participate in a transformative college tour experience at California State University Sacramento. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, this initiative marks a significant step in empowering system-impacted youth leaders. "I'm excited to see what it's like to be in a real college class," shared Youth Leader Anthony.
During the December 2023 Urban Excellence Youth Summit, Professor Alton William, a longtime supporter of our organization, extended an invitation for youth to experience a college lecture at CSU Sacramento. His dedication to educational equity aligns with our mission to provide enhanced services for underrepresented students, reducing the achievement gap and fostering success in higher education. 
At CUE, our mission is clear: to foster resilience in the next generation through leadership development, economic empowerment, and advocacy for positive change. We are committed to serving system-impacted Black youth and youth of color aged 12-26. Through resilience training, workforce development, and unique social opportunities, we aim to cultivate thriving young leaders. 
This college tour exemplifies the community's commitment to empowering youth and building pathways to success for Solano County Youth. We extend our gratitude to Elevate Youth CA, Solano County WDB, and Black Diamond Exclusive Transportation for their invaluable support in making this initiative possible. 
Event Details: 
  • Date: Wednesday, May 1st, 2024. The full-day event will provide educational and positive social experiences.
  • Location: California State University Sacramento, offering an exciting exploration of its beautiful campus. 
For inquiries or additional information, please contact: 

Anija Lee 

Communication and Experience Coordinator

In case you missed it...

Letter from our CEO

Hi CUE Families! 


I trust this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As the Founder & CEO, I am reaching out to share the remarkable impact we've made in 2023 and to invite you to be a part of our continued journey toward creating a resilient and empowered future for the system-impacted youth of Solano and Contra Costa counties. 


2023: A Year of Impactful Achievements 

  • Empowered Lives: We served 178 remarkable youth and young adults ages 12-26 through our Fostering Resilience Youth Leadership and Workforce Programs, including 23 Committed Unit Youth Leaders, who were high school graduates completed our juvenile detention-based program.
  • Community Engagement: Our efforts led to 28 free to the public sponsored and co-sponsored events in Solano and Contra Costa Counties touching nearly 3,500 lives with positive, engaging experiences and resources. 
  • Economic Empowerment: We distributed $41,510 in youth incentives and nearly $29,000 in participant wages, alongside $14,165 in family support services, underscoring our commitment to holistic well-being. 
  • Strengthened Alliances: We have 6 new partnerships with local CBOs and government entities, expanding our capacity to serve our community and make an impact. 


The Path Ahead: Fostering Resilience Beyond 2024 

Our Fostering Resilience Youth Leadership program, a cornerstone initiative funded until November 2024, seeks to continue its critical work beyond this term. For nearly 2 years, this program has been a beacon of hope for many families, offering art wellness activities, leadership development, education and workforce opportunities, and a supportive community aimed at reducing substance use and mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences among youth experiencing realms of ACEs. 


How Does Your Contribution Make a Difference?

We are seeking support for our college and workplace tours, social outings, resilience training service-learning projects, and more.

A donation of ANY amount will earn your name or organization on our Donors page!

Here's how you can contribute: 


Your generosity not only fuels our program but also ignites hope within each young person we serve. Together, we can foster a world where resilience, opportunity, and community uplift every youth towards their brightest future. 


Be well,

Reina Robinson 


Center for Urban Excellence 

Thank You to Our Workforce Wednesday Presenters!!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Workforce Wednesday presenters who have generously shared their insights and expertise with our participants.

Vanessa Beals, a Bay Area native with a passion for digital marketing, captivated our audience with her remarkable journey into the entertainment world. From her humble beginnings as an intern at iHeartRadio, San Francisco, in 2014, Vanessa has soared to remarkable heights. Recognized as the Top TikTok Agent and Manager of 2020 by Business Insider, she has collaborated with mega influencers and celebrities. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Vanessa's unwavering dedication to creating opportunities for underrepresented talent in social media shines brightly. In 2022, she transitioned to become an independent talent manager and consultant, continuing to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to Ada Brown, the founder/CEO of the Lady Echelon Project. Ada's impactful work as the Director of a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth and families is truly commendable. Hailing from similar communities and having faced similar challenges during her youth, Ada deeply understands the obstacles many young individuals encounter. Her dedication reflects in the impactful programs and initiatives she spearheads within the Lady Echelon Project, Inc., shaping the futures of countless young individuals from diverse backgrounds, particularly those in underserved areas like Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, and Richmond.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to Vanessa Beals and Ada Brown for their inspiring contributions to our Workforce Wednesday sessions. Your insights and dedication are invaluable in guiding and empowering our participants towards success.

CUE In The Classroom

“The Media and Me: A Guide to Critical Media Literacy for Young People” was adopted for Teacher education in one of nation’s largest public-school districts.

With youth and young adults engaging over eleven hours daily in various media, it's crucial they understand its profound influence. 'The Media and Me' empowers readers to navigate media wisely. It delves into media's intricate power dynamics, offering tools for discerning consumption and active creation, from understanding storytelling to recognizing biases and beyond. 

Educators: The Teaching Guide is available here

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