CTI Learning Technologies | Spring/Summer 2024

This email is being sent by the Center for Teaching Innovation to all instructors using Canvas@Cornell, and includes the following information:

  • Canvas Courses
  • Updates to Learning Technologies
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Spring 2024:

End-of-Semester Tips:

Summer Session 2024:

Summer session courses will be created starting on 5/4/24. Student enrollments will be added starting 5/13/24. The default course start date in Canvas is set to 5/24/24.*

Fall 2024:

Fall term courses will be created starting on 5/4/24. Student enrollments in Canvas for Fall 2024 courses will be added starting 8/19/24. The default course start date in Canvas is set to 8/23/24.*

* See How Do I Modify Course Default Start/End.

Reminder Start-of-Semester Tips:

  • Check the Course Default Settings for course access dates, grade release and visibility options, and file storage limits.
  • Reuse Course Content from a previous Canvas course site.
  • Check the Tutorials page if you plan to use third-party tools, such as Panopto, Turnitin, and more.
  • Review our start-of-semester Checklist.
  • Remember to PUBLISH your course.

Canvas Updates

Discussion Redesign: The redesigned discussion in Canvas, which is enabled by default, will be the de facto option in Canvas after July 20, 2024. If you have not explored this feature yet, please see the guide, How Do I Use Discussions Redesign?

Using and Sharing Quiz Question Banks: Updates to the New Quiz Item Banks allow you to share your question bank with other users and courses. Please see How Do I Share an Item Bank in New Quizzes?

Improved Submission Date Visibility for Students: Students are sometimes unsure of whether their assignment submission has been received in Canvas. To help clarify this, Canvas now has a Submitted column on the students’ Grades page that includes the date and time of the most recent submission. How Do I Know My Assignment is Submitted?

FeedbackFruits Updates

iClicker Updates

  • iClicker Classic Retirement: Faculty will need to switch to iClicker Cloud.
  • iClicker Confidence Feature: The new feature allows students to select their level of confidence when providing their answers.


On May 21st, Gradescope integration with Canvas will be upgraded. If you want to reuse your previously created assignments, you will need to duplicate and convert your linked Gradescope assignments.

Poll Everywhere Updates

Generative AI @ Cornell

See What's New in Learning Technologies for more updates.

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Resources & Workshops for Faculty, TAs, and Instructional Support Staff: 

  • Daily online Drop-in Sessions: the CTI staff will be available live to answer your questions.


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