CTAC Welcomes Joanne Brady to Board
Dear Friends:

CTAC is pleased to welcome Joanne Brady as a new member of our Board of Directors. She is an expert in translating research into programs, curricula, and tools for practitioners and policymakers concerned with educational improvement.
Ms. Brady founded and led the Learning and Teaching Division that organized all of Education Development Center's (EDC) domestic education programs and 350 staff into five centers of excellence. As Senior Vice President, she advanced EDC's impact and improved the quality and equity of education. Prior to her recent retirement from EDC, Ms. Brady was instrumental in creating initiatives that focus on STEM education, including the Oceans of Data Institute and the Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network. She also conducted policy analyses and other studies to enable states to increase the coherence of their early education systems. She is the author of numerous reports, articles, assessments, book chapters, and monographs.
Ms. Brady also served as a technical advisor to IES's Regional Educational Laboratory-Northeast & Islands, and has presented her own research at the American Educational Research Association, National Governors Association, International Conference on Civic Education Research, and Society for Research in Child Development.
Previously with the Open Society Institute, Ms. Brady designed and delivered technical assistance and professional development to countries that were a part of the former Soviet Union. She also worked with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create and launch the first, national performance assessment to identify and credential accomplished teachers of children (ages three to eight).
Best Regards,
William J. Slotnik
Founder and Executive Director
Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC)