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Spotlight on Coastal Management:
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
Learn more about Wisconsin's Coastal Management Program here.

Find more information on the work being done by the State Coastal Zone Management Programs on CSO's Publication page: www.coastalstates.org/csopublications/
In the States and Regions
East Coast and Caribbean
NH Coastal Program Announces Results of Resilient Tidal Crossings Project
The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) Coastal Program announces the release of new mapping products and data that characterize tidal crossings for community and ecosystem resilience. This information can be used by community officials and road managers to enact strategic repair/replacement of tidal crossing infrastructure and to identify high priority restoration and conservation opportunities at tidal crossings sites. Read more.

Maryland awards $30.9 million to improve water quality and increase resilience
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday announced the awarding of $30.9 million in grants to local communities to implement projects that will restore local waterways, increase climate resilience, and develop the next generation of environmental stewards.

“We are pleased to support these innovative projects that will help us achieve our environmental goals,” Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio said. “In addition to improving the resilience of our communities, these projects will protect our local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay in measurable ways.” Read more.

Ørsted Chosen for New Jersey Offshore Wind Project
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has selected Ocean Wind, an offshore wind energy project proposed by Ørsted with support from Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), to negotiate a 20-year offshore wind farm with a capacity of 1.1GW.

Located off the coast of Atlantic City, Ocean Wind will be New Jersey’s first large-scale offshore wind farm. It will also be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. to exceed 1GW. Subject to Ørsted’s final investment decision, the wind farm is expected to be completed by 2024.  Read more.
West Coast and Pacific
Budget Cuts Will Devastate US Estuaries, Experts Warn
When an endangered orca named Tahlequeah lost her calf last summer, the entire pod swam 1,000 miles with the grieving mother as she carried the young whale’s body for 17 days through the Salish Sea.

Laura Blackmore, executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership, told House lawmakers Tuesday that Tahlequah’s story is one of many that speaks to the death knell that has been sounding for the Seattle-area deep fjord estuary.

“A dying Puget Sound is a national disgrace,” said Blackmore. Read more.
Great Lakes
Winds of Change: Wind turbines on Lake Erie spark big support and big debate
Depending on the person asked, Cleveland could be looking at six wind turbines off Lake Erie’s shore, thousands of them or none at all.

The project, called Icebreaker Wind, would be the first off-shore, freshwater installation in the U.S. Though the initial proposal involves six turbines, critics have pointed out both that approving these could lead to many more and that many residents have no idea that this project is even in the works.

Yet many others disagree and support the project. Read more.
Events & Webinars
Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship
It’s an exciting new fellowship program for graduate students at the national estuarine research reserves. One two-year fellowship opportunity will be available at each of the 29 coastal sites.

Through a research project, fellows will address a key coastal management question to help scientists and communities understand coastal challenges that may influence future policy and management strategies.

The research reserves represent the apex of estuary science. At  these coastal sites , fieldwork, research, and community engagement come together to create the scientific advances that change our communities and our world.

A Message from BOEM's Acting Director: The Path Forward for Offshore Wind Leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf
What is BOEM’s overall offshore wind leasing strategy? This is a question that is frequently asked during the many wind events in which we participate.

The demand for offshore wind energy has never been greater. Plummeting costs, technological advances, skyrocketing demand and great economic potential have all combined to make offshore wind a highly promising avenue for adding to a diversified national energy portfolio. The U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) provides a world-class wind resource on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Read more.

NOAA Fisheries is pleased to announce the 2020 Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant competition is open for applications. 
NOAA Fisheries announces the the FY20 Saltonstall-Kennedy (S-K) Federal Funding Opportunity and inviting applicants to submit pre-proposals by July 30, 2019 . This year, the priority focus areas are:
  • Promotion, Development, and Marketing  
  • Science or Technology that Promotes Sustainable U.S. Seafood Production and Harvesting  
Read more about the  SK Grant Program and How to Apply

NOTE:   All interested applicants must submit a Pre-Proposal to the grant opportunity, NOAA-NMFS-FHQ-2020-2006111, posted at  www.Grants.gov . Pre-proposals are due via Grants.gov  by 11:59 pm, Eastern Time, July 30, 2019.  

Webinars on the Community Rating System
The CRS Webinar Series provides training opportunities to communities that are not yet participating in the Community Rating System or local government staff that are new to the CRS, and to local government staff with experience in the CRS. The Series includes basic introductory sessions and more advanced topics, most averaging about an hour in length.

  • July 16 Developing a Repetitive Loss Area Analysis
  • July 17 Flood Warning & Response (Activity 610)

Register  here
Job Openings
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