January 2023 Newsletter
Happy New Year, CSDS community! We look forward to seeing you at our first dance of the year, on Saturday, January 21st at Ivy Creek United Methodist Church, with Viko Hernandez and Allison Atteberry as our lesson instructors/DJs! We're excited to kick off the New Year with this popular teaching couple! Please take note that we will end the dance at 10:30 pm, our new winter hours for the months of January, February and March.

7-8 pm Lesson
  • West Coast Swing
  • Beginner Plus (content tailored to attendees)
8-10:30 pm Dance

ADMISSION (includes Lesson):
$10 CSDS Members
$13 Non-CSDS Members
$5 Students w/ID, First-Timers
$5 CSDS Members with January Birthdays

Advanced sign up is greatly appreciated. Create an account to manage your membership (optional) and sign up for CSDS events!

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CSDS Membership
CSDS offers an $15 annual membership fee. Membership dues help to support CSDS and is completely optional for attending our events. Members do get to enjoy discounts to CSDS dances. To become a member or to renew your membership, please visit the CSDS website or take care of this in person at a CSDS dance. If you have any questions regarding the status of your membership, please contact CSDS.

January Member Birthdays
Happy birthday to the following CSDS members: Barb Franko, Ben Platt, Carl Hott, Diane McDougall, Ellen MacAvoy, Helena Lindholm, Jennifer Miller, Kelly Ceppa, Lois Love and Stephen Turton. If you attend our dance the month of your birthday, admission is just $5! Members, if we've missed your birthday, let us know!

Code of Conduct
CSDS has a Code of Conduct. Attendees are expected to be familiar with and abide by it. We will have printed copies for your review at our in-person dance events.

Dance Resources
Check out the CSDS website for other dance opportunities, dance groups/hosts, dance instructors and dance resources (incuding music, shoes, events, training, tips/etiquette)! Also join the CSDS Planning (Social Events, Rides, Roomies, Etc.) group! FYI, new group classes start this month hosted by County Parks & Rec (instructor Kristin Wenger) and Mix It Up Dancing (host Lois Love), tell all your friends/co-workers and sign up today!

Social Media
Bookmark our linktree for links to our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts! Like/follow us on these platforms so you can enjoy more content to come in the New Year!

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CSDS keeping in touch ...
We will announce updates by email, update our website and post on our Facebook page. Please help us spread the word by sharing these announcements with your friends. For future planning, CSDS dances are typically the 3rd Saturday of the month (exceptions will be noted).  

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CSDS Board of Directors (2023)
(next meeting ~ January 4th)
Ed Guida
Gina Fletcher
Leigh Gordon
Lois Love
Marlon Cerritos
Vic Gregor