Volume 10, Issue 1

Hello all!
If you are receiving this message you have registered to be a CSA member at Bayard Cutting Farm for the 2021 season! Welcome to all that are new and welcome back to all who have signed up again. 😊

We’re working diligently to bring a good harvest from the field so keep us in your positive thoughts and prayers as we prepare for this upcoming season!
The pickup days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays this season. I have not set a start date yet, but I have assigned pickup days for you all!

If you are a full share member, I assigned you either Tuesday or Thursday as your pickup day. If you are a half share member, I assigned you either Tuesday A, Tuesday B or Thursday A, Thursday B as your pickup day. I will have exact dates for you later this month.
Please find your name on the chart below and make note of your pickup day!
Full Shares
Alyssa Oddone / Anthony Oddone
Ann Marie Alletto / Helen Paladino
Bonnie Verron
Cathy Tanelli / Jane Groveman
Charlene Muro
Elizabeth Noone
Faye Guercio
Jim & Ann Barry
Leslie Cassagne
Lois Hoffman / Erwin Krause
Lynn Atlas
Marielle Ness / Samantha Galway
Mary Clare Pirro
Mary Howe
Michelle Tsounis
Nancy Erb
Nick D'Auria
Patricia Bush
Paul Magnusson
Robert Bennett
Carolyn & John Belford
Christina Wolf-Kelly / William Wolf
Courtney Pure
Dawn Robinson
Elise Doerrier
Erin, Jules, Rhoda McManus-Goeke
Karen Valdini / Liz Herrick
Kricket Bonett
Laura Mannarino / Jamie Chung
Lauren Schnal / Barbara Zeidler
Lisa Hoppe / Angela Wilson
Lorajean Defranco
Loretta Piscatella
Mary Passaro
Melissa Dolan
Michael Clarke / Karyn Clarke
Scott Wise
Stanley Feldman
Suzanne Devlin
Virginia Stevens
Half Shares (Tuesday)
Anne Callahan
Beth Levy
Carol & Joe Menditto
Courtney Fenyo
Denise Carney
Jill Titus
Jon & Terry Leach
Joseph & Alexandra Salvatore
Judy Aries
Kerri Held
Larry Kazemier
Lisa Byheny
Melissa Valentino
Ruth Bernard
Therese & Kevin Nissen
Adrienne Davis
Catherine Starling
Charles & Lucille Otto
Christina Boughal
Colleen Kaplan
Evan Rapport
Franny Bavaro
Katie Lee
Linda Damore
Maria Dosso
Marlene Davis
Miriam Stolin
Robert Nyman
Rosalie Colarossi
Sandy Koppmann
Half Shares (Thursday)
Adele Fitzgerald
Anne McShane
Catharina (Kitty) Daniels
Cheryl Bishop
Deborah Goehner
Diane & Ken Hartill
Donna Moeller
Elise Pallotta
Gustave Fishel III
Holly Bottiglieri
Jean Elliott
Mary Ann Beck
Mary Barnas
Nancy Hoffman
Patricia Skjoldhal
Amanda Lowe
Brenna & Michael McCarthy Merced
Carolyn Carty
Carolyn Dahab
Carolyn Plouffe
Cathy Gonzalez
Christine Dambrosio
Gina Sinkevich
Jean Goldstein
Karen Horoszewski
Kristen Bucaria/Grabowski
Mary Mullan
Peter Brabazon
Sonia Gerig
Vicki Allen
If you have any issues with your assigned pickup day, please reach out to me by Friday, May 14th the latest and I will try my best to work with you. 😊 If you do not see your name on this list, please reach out to me ASAP.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
Take care,

CSA Farm Manager
Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Farm Manager: Dana Fernandez