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November 2023

Quarterly Newsletter

Fall is in full swing, and as winter approaches with colder weather, it is important for ag workers to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and health. The changing weather can bring about a multitude of hazards, from slippery surfaces to extreme cold temperatures. Check out our Cold Weather Safety flyer to see how you can prevent cold-related health issues.

It's also important to remember that heat illness and injury can happen during cold months if you are working indoors in a warm environment. Use our Daily Checklist for Heat Illness and Injury to identify and address potential sources of heat hazards in the workplace.

Remember, safety should always come first, whether you are working with farm machinery, handling chemicals, or dealing with livestock - and especially when working in extreme weather conditions. Always wear the appropriate protective gear, follow safety protocols, and be aware of your surroundings.


Annual Report

The 2022-2023 CS-CASH Annual Report, which covers what the Center accomplished between September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023, is now available.

Read the annual report here!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Outreach and Training Events

Find us on the road! Interested in having us provide outreach at an event? Contact ellen.duysen@unmc.edu.

  • December 6, 2023 | In collaboration with the Grain Handling Safety Coalition and North Dakota Extension, the CS-CASH outreach team will be hosting a day-long free training in Bismarck, North Dakota, entitled "Disasters, Diseases, and Decisions". Learn more and register.

Need a presentation or training? Contact us!

We can provide presentations and trainings in our 7-state region, free of charge, on ag health and safety related topics.

Contact Ellen Duysen.

10 Year Anniversary of the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Center's YouTube Channel

CS-CASH is one of the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers that works to protect the health and safety of workers in agricultural, forestry, and fishing, and their families. The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers have been on YouTube since 2013, making 2023 the 10 year anniversary of the @USAgCenters YouTube Channel. A media toolkit was created to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the channel, and to provide promotional materials for the YouTube channel. We encourage everyone to share information about this YouTube channel

Download the media toolkit and associated graphics here!

Feedyard 15 Program

The Feedyard 15 is a free safety training curriculum that is available to cattle feedyard operations. The program addresses critical safety issues commonly found in feedyard operations.

Learn more about the Feedyard 15 Program.

FarmResponse available to Central States region for free

FarmResponse is an On-Demand 3.5-hour continuing education course developed by national experts from the AgriStress Response Network. The course provides the full range of competencies necessary to provide appropriate mental healthcare for agricultural producers and their families. The CS-CASH sponsors free access to FarmResponse in the Central States region.

CS-CASH in Action

See what the Center has been up to...

Center director Dr. Risto Rautiainen was awarded the UNMC College of Public Health Research Award at the 3rd Annual Midwest Public Health Innovation and Research Expo, hosted by the UNMC College of Public Health on November 3rd, 2023. Congratulations to Dr. Rautiainen!

Dr. Aaron Yoder was interviewed on an episode of Market to Market, where he discussed grain bin safety and the Grain Weevil robot. Watch it here.

PhD student Sarah Tucker was recognized for her achievements related to her work with Dr. Aaron Yoder entitled “Does Profession Matter Towards Perception of Wearable Technology for Health Monitoring in the Field” at the Midwest Public Health Innovation and Research Expo on November 3, 2023.

Sarah was also a recipient of the Presentation Excellence Award for her outstanding presentation of the poster "Agricultural Injury Surveillance and Assessment of Needs for Health and Environmental Monitoring for rural First Responders During Agriculture Emergences" at the ASABE 2023 Annual International Meeting

Dr. Athena Ramos was the keynote speaker for the Rural Development 2023: Bioeconomy for the Green Deal Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania, on September 26, 2023. Her presentation, “The intersection between agriculture, immigrant integration, and rural prosperity: Opportunities for building community in changing times” was about demographic change in rural communities resulting from economic, structural, and technological innovations in agriculture and how to welcome and integrate the people that continue to make agriculture work.

The 2023 Husker Harvest Days is in the rearview mirror of the CS-CASH and AgriSafe Network outreach teams. Demonstrations of PTO and grain bin safety were just two of the training topics led by the team. Participants who visited about respiratory and hearing protection took home PPE samples. And those who shared a farm safety tip on the "Great Ideas" board walked away sporting a super cool bucket hat. The outreach team included UNMC College of Public Health PhD students Ikenna Orji and James Buckley, CS-CASH researchers Dr. Aaron Yoder and Ellen Duysen, and AgriSafe Community Health Director Linda Emanuel.  

Dr. Athena Ramos is leading the Cattle Feedyard Worker Health Study. As part of the study, the team is conducting health fairs at feedyard operations across the region. To learn more, please contact Dr. Ramos and visit https://go.unmc.edu/feedyardsafety.

Webinar recordings from National Farm Safety & Health Week are now available: Emerging, Re-emerging and Long-standing Infectious Disease in Agricultural Workers and Cost-Effective Measures for Prevention, presented by Ellen Duysen; and Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety, presented by Dr. Aaron Yoder

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