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Instructions for April 16th 7pm Zoom General Meeting bottom of page:

Upcoming Events:

  1. Opening Day - May 4th, “Dream Forward” is the theme for 2024.
  2. Oregon State Marine Board Quarterly Mtg. April 24th

In The News:

  1. Spring edition of the Excrement Gazette
  2. How Long do you really need an EPIRB? BoatUS article
  3. Quick refresher on Rules of the Road
  4. Summer Ocean Salmon Season Set!

Opening Day 2024 - "Dream Forward"

Saturday, May 4th

Opening Day is coming up fast! Our Fleet Captains meeting was held on April 9th with the support of Portland Yacht Club hosting the meeting. If you have any questions going forward, please contact our Opening Day Coordinator, Bev Hamlik. It's not too late to join us. Most all the information will be posted on the CRYA website shortly. We look forward to seeing everyone out there this year and hope for a great weather day. Columbia River Yacht Club will be the location for the parade announcements. That will happen at 4pm. Multnomah Channel Yacht Club is this year's Host Club with the support of Columbia River Yacht Club. If you would like to attend an opening day celebration at one of the clubs, contact Bev Hamlik and she can connect you with a participating club.

Oregon State Marine Board Quarterly Meeting held in the Astoria Public Library Flag Room April 24th at 8:30am.

The Board Meeting can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/4arBTT1

The meeting agenda and materials can be found at https://www.oregon.gov/osmb/info/Pages/Board-and-Public-Meetings.aspx

Spring Edition of the Excrement Gazette

Our Guest Speaker last month was Connie Sullivan. She is the CVA (Clean Vessel Act) program coordinator and the go too person when it comes to Marine Pump out stations and floating Rest Rooms. You can find the Spring Edition of the Excrement Gazette Here. You can also find Pumpout locations near you by downloading the App. The links are listed below in our Links of Interest section. You can also report issues with a specific station on the app as well. Let's help her keep us all pumping and not dumping!

BoatUS article: The time that most users would need and EPIRB

Most boaters who do run offshore are seldom out of VHF or cell phone range making an EPIRB a questionable device to have onboard full time. This article deals with the average time one might use one, as well as where one can be rented. If you don't want to spend the money and upkeep of a personal EPIRB then this would likely be of interest to you when cruising offshore or remotely.

You can find the article Here.

Content in your Club's Newsletters that all Boaters should read?

We can't see every club's internal communication, but we have to think some of the articles would be great information for all boaters. If you find that article of interest, please forward it to cryanews@gmail.com after getting approval to share. We can all be more informed.

Links of Interest - Or at Least Should Be!

St Helens City Dock Camera Port of Camas Dock Camera

Report Dock Damage Here Report a Boater OSMB Here

Report a boater incident to MCSO River Patrol Here

NEW - Pumpout Nav App for iOS for Android


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