Member Newsletter - June 2024

Volume 4, Issue 6

A Message from Jen Belnap, CRWF President

Summer is just beginning, and it has already been quite eventful! Jurors in New York found former President Trump guilty on 34 felony counts in a hush-money trial that was anything but hushed! While Hunter Biden (NEWSFLASH! Hunter has been found guilty!) and Hilary Clinton seem unscathed by their personal and political blunders (involving crack pipes, deleted emails and a foreign dossier), the scales of justice wreak of bias and imbalance.

As we seek to make sense out of laws, policies, and people who are harming our struggling nation, Flag Day brings us an opportunity for unity. The second Continental Congress passed a resolution in 1777 that created a national flag with 13 stripes, alternating red and white, and 13 white stars, in a field of blue to represent a new constellation. Under this national flag, the colonists were united while fighting for their freedom and our new nation.

Our American ideals will stand strong for as long as we are willing to defend them. Let us stand for freedom, liberty and justice and hold our elected officials accountable to do the same.

In Service,

Jen Belnap

President, CRWF


Note from those of us that are so proud of Jen!

Congratulations to our CRWF President Jen Belnap, candidate for Carlsbad School Board of Trustees for receiving the endorsement of the Republican Party of San Diego Party at their monthly Central Committee meeting held June 10, 2024.

A Note of Gratitude from our May Meeting

CRWF/Caring for America donated $500 to Pathway Health Clinic whose CEO is Leslie Salazar-Carrillo and a member of the Club. The Clinic provides services to low income families in North County and many Club members brought wonderful reading and activity materials for the children. Leslie talked about the services the Clinic provides and her experience with their clients.

Carlsbad Republican Women Federated

Invites you to attend our next meeting

Tuesday, June 25th

Doors open at 10:30 am - Event begins at 11:00 am

This month our luncheon will be served on the patio


2725 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA 

CRWF Members (including Spouse and Associate Members): $39

Non-Members: $44

CLICK HERE to make a reservation and select your entree

Reservations must be paid by credit card.

Reservations deadline is Noon - Tuesday, June 18th

If you have questions, email

or call Joy Noonan at 714-390-7662


CRWF Welcomes Kevin Faulconer, 2024 candidate for San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and CAGOP Political Director Krista Pittman!

At the June 25th meeting, Carlsbad Republican Women (CRWF) welcomes Kevin Faulconer, 2024 candidate for San Diego County Supervisor District 3, running to replace Democrat Terra Lawson-Remer. Faulconer will update us on his candidacy and the critical issues in this key race. Krista Pittman, Deputy Executive Director and Political Director at the California Republican Party (CAGOP), will speak on Election Integrity, one of the most important issues in Election 2024!


Kevin Faulconer began his public service in 2006 when he was elected to the San Diego City Council. He served as the 36th Mayor of San Diego, in several national organizations, and as vice president at the global public relations firm Porter Novelli specializing in strategic crisis management and public affairs. Faulconer is a distinguished expert in governance, public policy, and operational excellence in large organizations. He is currently a strategic advisor at Collaborate for California and a visiting fellow at Pepperdine University School of Public Policy. Faulconer’s knowledge of current issues in San Diego and his political and business expertise makes him the most highly qualified candidate for the Board of Supervisors.


CAGOP’s Krista Pittman embarked on her political journey as a Junior Political Coordinator at the Republican Party of San Diego County. She then contributed to various campaigns, notably serving as Congressman Darrell Issa’s Deputy Field Director during his 2016 re-election campaign. Recently, Pittman has served as the Field & Political Director for the California Republican Party and as the California State Director for the Republican National Committee, playing a pivotal role in helping the party secure four House seats in California during the 2020 election cycle.

June Greetings! Andrea Ryon, Membership Co-Chair

June is here and we’re looking forward to our June 25th luncheon meeting this month! Hope you’ll be there!

If you know of anyone interested in joining the Carlsbad Republican Women, please send Nancy White, CRWF Membership Co-Chair, their name, phone number and/or email and she will contact them. Nancy can be reached at She will promptly let them know about our club and all that we do to elect Republicans! 

2024 Member Renewals and New Members 

As of June 10th, 162 or 80 % of our year-end 2023 regular members have renewed for 2024! 

And we are very happy to have 8 more members since the May 2024 newsletter, giving us 43 NEW members so far this year! Please welcome Tracey Bondi-Pear, Nancy Cochran, Eleanor Evans, Darlene Fink, Carrie Havens, Brita Lindstrom, Terry Lutz, Mary Rombotis, and Nancy Shearer as NEW members!

TOTAL FULL MEMBERS SO FAR in 2024 = 206 members (162 renewals and 44 NEW members).

We also have 9 Associate members and 21 Spouse members in 2024. Please welcome Eric Fink (husband of Darlene Fink) as a NEW Spouse member.

Member Gifts  

We have some very generous CRWF members! As of June 10, we have received a total of $728 in donations from renewing and new 2024 members! THANK YOU!

If You Have Not Renewed Your Membership

If you still have not renewed your membership, please do so ASAP! We can still accept renewals from 2023 members! CLICK HERE to complete your membership application online and pay by credit card. If you have questions about the categories, please contact Membership Co-Chair, Andrea Ryon, at or 760-518-8238.



Don't miss out on your Chance to Win $$$ ... Join the CRWF 2024 Membership Contest! 

CRWF has met our original 2024 goal of 200 members! In fact, we now have 205 full members in the club. But let's keep on growing our membership to 225 to make 2024 our BEST MEMBERSHIP YEAR EVER!

WHY more members? There is much to be done to elect local, state, and national Republican candidates and the more hands we have on deck, the more likely Republicans will win BIG in 2024! And you’ll have a chance to WIN a nice CASH prize!

Here’s how it works:

  • Just tell your Republican friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers about CRWF and encourage them to join as a NEW full member of our club by June 22nd. Send them to the CRWF website to join online.

  • Stress our Full membership fee is only $35.00 for the rest of 2024!

  • Text, call, or email Andrea at 760-518-8238 or with the name of the person(s) you've referred.  

  • When your friend joins by June 22nd, Andrea will notify you and enter your name in the $CASH$ drawings to be held at the June 25th CRWF meeting. 

  • Refer more friends who join by June 22nd, and you'll receive TWO drawing entries for each NEW Full member. 

So, it's time to start talking to your friends about our club! Any questions? Please contact Andrea at 760-518-8238 /

CRWF Always Likes a Party!

Judy OConnor, 4th VP – Election Integrity / Voter Registration

Terry Carpenter, Volunteer Coordinator

The mailing party after the May meeting was fun and productive. Together we addressed, stamped, and assembled 500 pieces of mail. 

A special thank you to our volunteers: Andrea Ryon, Ruth Brown, Nancy

Pilcher, Lois Yunghans, Terry Carpenter & Judy Rees. 

If you missed the fun at the last party, be sure and join us immediately after the 

June meeting for the next fun and productive mailing party. 

CLICK HERE so we know you will be joining us. 

What are the next steps?

Plans are being made to have a tent on the boardwalk in Carlsbad a few times over the summer. It’s an election year so we will be making people aware of candidates and promote our Republican values. Stop at the table at our June meetings for all the details and to schedule yourself at the boardwalk. 

A Report From ... Teri House, Legislation Chair 

Urgent Action Item ... Today! June 11 

Call, email to register your opposition to SB 1174. This legislation has passed the Senate and will be heard in the Assembly Elections Committee on June 12. Passing SB 1174 would make voter identification legally prohibited in the state overriding all local laws requiring a person to present identification to vote.

Contact Assembly Elections Committee Members:

1. Gail Pellerin (chair) 916-319-2028

2. Tom Lackey (vice chair) 916-319-20343.

3. Bill Essayli 916-319-2063

Or go online to California Legislature Position Letter Portal and oppose SB 1174

Oppose AB 1840 the so-called California Dream for ALL. This assembly bill would extend the CA Housing Finance Agencies loan programs to applicants irrespective of their immigration status. In other words, it will be open to illegal aliens! Also, it no longer specifies first time home buyers. This bill has passed the Assembly and will be heard June 18, 2024 in the Senate Housing Committee. Take Action before June 18: Call, email or write to Senate Housing Committee Members:

Nancy Skinner (Chair): 916-651-4009

Rosillicie Ochoa Bogh (Vice-Chair): 916-651-4023

Catherine Blakespear: 916-651-4038

The sun will shine in San Diego this summer and November voting will be here before you know it. While you’re enjoying all the lovely summertime activities, keep these tax hiking attempts in mind.

Repeal of Prop 13: California Democrats are attempting to gut Prop 13 with TWO measures. ACA-1 would gut Prop 13's 2/3 vote requirement for new taxes by lowering it to 55%; and ACA-13 would also damage Prop 13 by blocking the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative and eliminating the requirement that voters be allowed to vote on tax increases with honest ballot titles; San Diego Sales Tax Hikes: San Diego politicians have put a massive county-wide tax hike on the ballot and numerous cities are adding another tax hike on top of that on their residents! We need to defeat all these measures.

Mileage Tax: We need to block any imposition of Mileage Taxes!

Utility Tax: Politicians want to give your income taxes information to private utility companies so they can see how much you earn and raise your electricity rates to be “equitable” to higher earners.

Catherine Blakespear: 916-651-4038

Gearing up for the General: Growing CA's Election Integrity Operation

Judy Rees – Voter Registration and Election Integrity San Diego County

“I was right! Election Integrity is going to be a “Big Deal” this election. Donald Trump saying that RNC’s new election integrity program, “To Big to Rig”, has caught on and the states have adopted it! The Republican Party of SD County has teamed with the CAGOP and named it “Protect Your Vote”. With less than 150 days to election day, we must get trained and READY!” – Judy Rees

We will kick off “Protect Your Vote” with a talk from Krista Pittman, Deputy Executive/Political Director, of the California Republican Party at our June 25th meeting. Krista will outline the entire plan for us and how we can take action to assure our vote (and others) is protected. Election Integrity training is essential by the week of October 5th, when the of Ballots will hit the mailboxes.


Zoom Training for Election Integrity is ongoing all summer long. Today, training is available online and the next training is Thursday, June 20, 2024, 10:00-11:00AM. 

Volunteers go NOW to and sign up.

Just because CRWF is DARK next month, we members must continue to do our part to assure we win the most important election of the century!  

  • Tell others about ‘Protect Your Vote” and get them to join in on the EI training.
  • Be the “eyes & ears” of the election and get a job as a Poll Worker for the Registrar of Voters (ROV) and get paid, too. 
  • Talk with people about voting early and signing up with BalletTrax to assure their vote was counted. 
  • Sign up to host a Fundraiser and invite friends and neighbors to meet our candidates. We have CRWF Members that have done this, how about you?

Remember to Save the Date!! August 6, 2024

This is all in preparation for the August 6, San Diego County session of: Gearing up for the General: Growing CA's Election Integrity Operation Training for San Diego County. 


Questions? Judy Rees 619-997-2912 / -

EI Officer, San Diego County Republican Party


Nancy White, Membership Co-Chair 

June 1 - Dolores Weksler, Linda Currie

June 3 - Carol Pearson

June 4 - June Long, Nancy Cochran

June 6 - Nancy Shearer

June 14 - Joann Austin, Deb Rosenzweig, Darcy Eaton

June 15 - Judy OConnor, Shanna Johnson

June 18 - Susan Lauer

June 19 - Susan Downing

June 22 - Bonnie Steck

June 23 - Miki Edwards

June 24 - Ruth Brown, Jane Navas

June 26 - Patti Hopkins

June 27 - Jen Belnap

Refer to our website for information on monthly meetings, membership, and our board of directors. Share with your friends and family when they ask about our club!

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