CRGC News Broadcast
September 8, 2014



Follow  this link to a listing of SEER SINQ's that have been finalized during the months of March through August 2014.  


Highlights of this listing include: 

  • 20140009 discusses how to code the primary site for the " parapharagenal space".
  • 20140012 explains what histology code to assign to ductal carcinoma with squamous differentiation (metaplastic features).
  • 20140014 explains whether infrared coagulation should be coded as treatment for AIN III of the anus/anal canal.
  • 20140015 alerts registrars to an inadvertent omission to rule PH 22 in the 2014 Hematopoietic Coding Manual.


The SEER Inquiry System is available at: click here 

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Mignon Dryden 
Education and Training Coordinator
Cancer Registry of Greater California