CRAN Cat Tales 1st Quarter 2024

Message from our President

We are all so grateful to see the telltale signs of spring. There are blossoms on the trees, flowers bursting into bloom, --- and kittens!

In 2023 CRAN cared for more than 800 cats and kittens, thanks to your support of our work.

This year we have already taken on some teeny tiny tiniest kittens, as well as also caring for older, cast-off cats of our community.

Cats come into our care through a variety of reasons: illness or death in their family, financial hardship leading to an uprooted family, the surprise of kittens born under a deck. There is Punkin, a young mother with her 3 tiny kittens; Beeley, who came from a large colony, and had to have a leg amputated due to an old injury; Patrick (pictured above), a sweet senior kitty who lost his home when his dad was no longer able to provide care for him.

Whatever brings them to CRAN, once they are in our care, they receive food, shelter and a loving environment to heal emotionally and physically as well as medical care including spay or neuter surgery and vaccinations; injuries are tended to and illnesses receive appropriate treatment thanks to the vet clinics that partner with CRAN and our generous supporters and caring volunteers.

With the support of our CRAN community, they receive all the care they need until their adoptive family takes them home.

Thank you for being part of our community. We could not do this without all of you.

-      Louanne

The Kittens are Coming Here!

That's right, the kittens are already arriving and there will be many more! Pictured is one of our first litters in 2024, Mom is Susan, a colony cat we are hoping will want to be a pet, and her two kittens at a week old, Orville and Wilbur. We are receiving calls for help every day.

Want to help? You could make a big difference by purchasing some items from our Amazon Kitten Shower:

Happy Tales


Ordy came to CRAN in August 2021 and was with us for over 2 ½ years.  She was originally adopted through CRAN in 2008 but was turned into Greenhill in July 2021 as a stray.   There was no response from the person listed on her microchip, so Greenhill turned her over to CRAN.  

From previous records, we determined that Ordy was 16 years old. She’s been described as a sassy senior & the Betty White of cats.   She’s very talkative & is definitely a social butterfly.   She was a special needs cat who required a special food to deal with her allergies & a daily supplement to help with her arthritis.  

Ordy definitely needed a special adopter and in January 2024, that person came along. Joyce put in an application for Ordy. Like Ordy, Joyce is also a senior citizen. Her cat died in 2023 and she was ready for a new cat companion. Joyce’s house was perfect for Ordy - she had a series of ramps and many window perches.

Having been through so much and being in a foster home for over 2 ½ years, Ordy would need time to acclimate to her new home. It took her over a month to warm up to Joyce but this is our latest feedback: “Right now she is sitting next to ma on the sofa. In the evening when I watch tv she comes up and sits next to me. She has come into the bedroom at night, but doesn't stay. She is an awesome cat.

In the vets office there was a chart that that converted cat years to human years. So a 16 y/o cat is 80 y/o. We are both the same age😂😂😂😂😂”


Corbin arrived at CRAN in November 2021. He was surrendered by a person in Monroe who trapped him because he had a large wound on his face. He was described as being a sweetheart and we had no doubt that once he was healthy he would have no problem being adopted. The abscess on his face took several months to fully heal. He was placed with a CRAN foster who decided to adopt him. However, after a few weeks he was returned because he could not get along with her current cat. He soon went on another trial adoption but that failed when he bullied the adopter’s cat. He was listed for adoption again, this time as an only cat. Corbin was adopted for a third time but was soon returned because he was incredibly vocal and was driving his adopters crazy.   

Obviously, Corbin was sweet and cuddly enough to be adopted 3 times but each time it was not the right match. We knew the perfect home for Corbin was out there. We just needed to find it. Then in January, we received an application from Linda. We advised Linda about Corbin’s problems with previous adopters but Linda was not deterred. She did not have any other cats but she did have a dog and we were not sure how Corbin would react. Linda drove in from the coast to meet Corbin and fell in love. She took him home and we all kept their fingers crossed. We were soon getting reports of Corbin making himself completely at home and having no problems with Linda’s dog. Linda let us know that Corbin had found his permanent home. Corbin’s story reinforced our belief that there’s a perfect home for every cat - and we keep trying until we find it!

Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge Opens!

Eugene-Springfield's first cat cafe has opened! Several CRAN cats available for adoption are at the new Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge. The cats will be available not only for adoption but for people to just hang out with when they want a cat fix. The cats will get lots of love and attention. The Cat Lounge offers people an opportunity to visit and interact with cats in a peaceful environment, relax and spend time with them. They also have a cat-themed boutique with super cute merchandise for cat lovers and gift-givers of all ages! There are snacks drinks (including beer and wine) available for purchase that you can take into the lounge with you. There are even special events like Meditate with the Cats.

Everyone is welcome to visit, not only those looking to adopt a cat.

You can check their website for more information:

Cars for Cats

Wondering what to do with that old car? Donate it to support the Cat Rescue and Adoption Network! All vehicles are considered, running or not. Our partner makes car donations easy, supports you every step of the way, and provides a vehicle donation tax receipt. Vehicle donations are tax deductible and provide crucial support to the cats in our program.

For more information:

Help Wanted!

While there's never much of a break in cat rescue, Spring definitely brings an increase of cats and kittens in need. We need foster homes as well as volunteers to help in other areas including adoptions sites, adoptions, data entry, medical care, transportation, graphic design, fundraising, social media and more.

If you'd like to learn more about volunteering or fostering, please submit a volunteer application here:

To foster, submit an application here:

 “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

— Leonardo da Vinci 

Looking for Forever - Meet Lionel and Sarge

These bonded boys are adorable. Lionel is an energetic little teenager who loves to run around and chase toys and strings, and Sarge is his sweet "big brother" who loves to hang out and cuddle with Lionel. They are both highly social, loving, and outgoing, and are so much fun to have around. Lionel is bouncy, funny, and entertaining, and Sarge is a bundle of love and affection - a gentle giant who likes everyone he meets (other cats, dogs, and people). Sarge is currently on a weight reduction program to slim down, and he's already seeing progress! He is diabetic and requires insulin twice a day, but it's very easy to care for a diabetic cat, and Sarge's foster mom will help guide his new family on his medical care. [There's always a chance that Sarge's diabetes will improve as he loses weight.] These two boys will bring tremendous joy to their new forever home!

Both cats are good with dogs and gentle kids, but while Sarge is fine with other cats, Lionel can be aggressive with cats that aren't as energetic as he is - so this bonded pair will do best as the only cats in the household.

Learn more:

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