October 2018
Did you miss the Oct. 3 webinar….? Not to worry! You can watch it now!
The October 3, 2018 webinar “Power With and Power Through: How Women Are Leading Differently for a Just and Caring World” with Jamia Wilson, Carla Goldstein and Riane Eisler was an informative and empowering dialog on the transformational possibilities of women’s leadership. Tune in and be inspired!
Call to Action: Change the Conversation

  Behind Our Gender Masks: Empowering Young Women and Men to Express their Full Humanity Check out the September 20, 2018 webinar with Brie Mathers, Ashanti Branch, and Riane Eisler as they explore practical strategies for shaping the future of femininity and masculinity in the era of #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter.
A Gender Equal Partnership for Planetary Stewardship Riane Eisler shares her perspectives on social organization, partnership and how individual actions can add up to change in this interview with Stanford’s Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere
Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Holland
Safe World Summit-Ireland presents SÍLA Award to Riane Eisler
Riane Eisler will deliver a keynote presentation and accept the inaugural SÍLA award at the Safe World Summit in Dublin October 22-23, 2018
Riane Eisler: My Story and My Calling In this powerful two-part interview in The Sisters, Eisler shares her personal story and reveals her ultimate ambitions for her work.
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Lauren Oliver writes, "2018 is shaping up to be another Year of the Woman. I am confident as more women step into leadership, we will evolve a more caring and just world. My passion is to co-create the environment that elicits women’s leadership. For many, self-confidence does not come easy." Read more
Wendy Wood offers an invitation to inquire into our true nature. " Nosce te Ipsum—Know Thyself, is at the heart of understanding what it means to be an authentic human being–– and doing so with respect for the full complexity of one another’s identities, experiences, histories and perspectives.” Read More
Author and Partnership leader Beth Wilson shares her life-affirming model for embodied partnership in her book The Recovering Feminist. "As a life-long advocate for women’s empowerment, I came to see that far too often liberation was dovetailing with the values of domination." Read More
Amber Johnson writes in a new CPS post "...Progressive women of all faiths, and their male allies, cannot stop until every seminary, pulpit, synagogue, mosque, and temple is filled with the loud and equal voices and prayers of women, transgender women included." Read More
Travis Petchell, Partnership community organizer in Portland, OR shares the announcement of his new meetup group ‘Partnership Living Portland'. "The goal of this group is to organize community around the concept of working for a partnership-oriented future, with a focus on integrating partnership into the way we live every day." Check it out!
In her post "Feminist Leadership as Care for the Whole: Modeling and Co-Creating a Livable Future" Miki Kashtan offers seven core themes she considers vital for continuing to understand and live into feminist leadership. Read more