March 2021
Celebrating the Valuable Contributions of Women:
a Month is Not Enough.
 Every March since 1987, Women’s History Month is a platform upon which we can celebrate women’s achievements throughout history. It's an opportunity for women to voice the inequalities and challenges that we continue to face. The valuable contributions of men and women throughout history were, and in many ways continue to be, defined by gender roles. Acknowledging women’s contributions to our history and development should not be special. It is very, very normal...

Join Our Commitment to Our Country’s Economic Health: Support the Social Wealth Index
Quincey Tickner, one of CPS’s newest team members, is so committed to furthering the Social Wealth Index that she started her own funding campaign. Her goal is to raise $20,000 by Mother’s Day on May 9th, 2021.

"The care for children, the community, and the household was the glue that kept our community strong and allowed us kids to thrive. This made it hard for me to wrap my head around why there was no economic value or reward placed on this essential work.

I am committed to raising $20,000 to do my part in ensuring that our team of global economists have the resources needed to build the SWI and reach policy makers.

CPS’ Social Wealth Index will be game changing to our country’s economic health. I invite you to join me in championing this work, connecting me to others who can help spread the word, and getting involved, personally and philanthropically.

4 Ways to Shift Toward a Caring Economy

Check out the Real Leaders article by Laura Giadorou Koch that highlights Riane Eisler’s caring economic model and Social Wealth indicators. “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our understanding of a harsh reality — that we need to shift to a new economic system that respects all people’s work, and the planet.”

Riane Eisler joined Sande Hart of SARAH4Hope and guests for an alternative Passover Seder. The event was framed in the four cornerstones of partnership systems and the Partnerism movement as it relates to spiritual practice and liberation.

Strategic Awareness and Leadership in Partnerism

Nancy Giordano, founder of Play Big Inc., discusses Leadership in Partnerism with Douglas Ferguson on the Control the Room Podcast. "We have to exist in a place of constant learning, a place of much more caring, and a place where we think about long-term value creation as opposed to short-term profitability growth."

Learn more about how you can help Make Partnerism Mainstream.
SheEO Summit

In early March, Riane Eisler offered a keynote speech for the virtual 2021 SheEO Summit “Humanizing our System – the Economics of Partnerism." SheEO is a global thinktank of women leaders "working on the World’s To-Do List on what’s next for the economy, education, food security, housing, and more."

Thank you to those in the CPS community who responded to this month's call for blog submissions on the topic of "Partnership Stories for a Hopeful Future."
Dave Metler writes in The Promise of Centering Childhood in Social Justice Education: "Working with leading child and family activists from across the globe, I see the promise of centering the social justice wisdom from children and childhood into social justice education." Read more
Jennifer Parker writes in The Partnerism Answer for Abuse Survivors: "Victims of intimate partner abuse often ask, “Why did this happen?” Riane Eisler’s research refocuses our attention from what is wrong with survivors to what has happened to them and how domination is supported by our institutions. She indicates the problem isn’t men as a gender but our social system." Read more
Chad McCordic of OneVillage shares in A Partnership Approach to Poverty Reduction: "We are seeing a growing trend in international aid and development, one based in partnership and local expertise: community-led development. It is a shift towards Partnerism and away from domination." Read more
Bianca Briciu writes in her post Leading with Love: "I started a community-based project called The Revolutionary Art of Love, based on a partnership-based dialogue between the intellect and the heart. In the midst of the pandemic we created a global weekly virtual space for open-hearted presence." Read more
Emily Malkin writes in Offers and Needs Markets: Partnership Communities in Action, "This is an exciting opportunity to start practicing an alternative and viable trading system. A post growth future, one in which we see more emphasis on the human experience than on profit accumulation, is a vision for the future that rests on a foundation of partnership systems and values." Read more
Suzanne Jones shares in her post Nurturing Nonviolent Communications: A Partnership Ripple Effect: "I live in a small town with about 10,000 people. The folks here are polite, kind, and everywhere you go, you receive hugs. After living here for a while, though, I began to notice that, while people were definitely polite and kind, they did not understand how to communicate in ways that deeply connect people to one another." Read more
Kristen Jawad writes in Partnership Step By Step: Caring for Self, Others, and Building Trust: "The pandemic has disproportionately impacted single mothers, folks with chronic illnesses and those with aging relatives. I’ve responded by offering home health services to newborn mothers cut off from their support networks, providing spiritual companionship for the bereaved and workshops for parents grappling with important decisions under great uncertainty."
Bob McQueen writes in Purpose, Plan, Partnership, and Prosperity – The Evolutionary Journey, "Partnership is not only a pathway to survival and prosperity but it is also a fundamental building block of human evolution that will enable us to leave the world better than we found it."
Brie Mathers writes in Keep Young Women Connected: Send a Virtual Love Pack: "We’ve laid the seeds for a new virtual connection campaign that keeps young women connected. LOVE PACKs bond young women together and give them an opportunity to draw on their strengths, doing what girls do best: nurture their own well-being through connection with one another." Read more
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