January 2019
Why is attention to childhood & family relations of primary importance to building a Partnership world?
Partnership leader and clinical family therapist Julie Hanks writes, "If every child grew up in a home where partnership was practiced, the world would be transformed. That is my vision, and I’m on a mission to help families develop partnership patterns and shed the shackles of domination that have formed rigid family roles". Read her post in the Global Leaders Blog: 4 Ways to Create Partnership Families
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Challenging Traditions of Domination
Riane Eisler, in Kosmos : "We know from neuroscience that what children experience and observe in their family and other early relations directly impacts nothing less than how our brains develop, and these experiences and observations are directly shaped by the degree to which a cultural environment orients to partnership or domination".
Mother-Daughter Partnerships: an update from Brie Mathers
In their first mother-daughter living room retreat, Brie and coach Amy Ahlers supported wisdom dialogues: "Young women braved big conversations as we all faced down patterns of internalized misogyny, lighting the way to a self-loving inner dialogue"...
Dublin: Herstory Light Festival honors women leaders
The cultural transformation and gender equality work of Riane Eisler, celebrated with a 3-story light installation of Riane Eisler and her husband, writer David Loye , were one of many images projected onto the historical Dublin General Post Office (GPO) earlier this month during the Herstory Light Festival.
The Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions: Faith and Culture Across History, edited by Susan de-Gaia is an exciting and important new resource. Riane Eisler contributed several articles; her book The Chalice and the Blade and her groundbreaking work in gender studies and cultural transformation is recognized in the Encyclopedia. Susan expresses her thanks to Riane who also helped to review the book.
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Suzanne Jones shares her experience cultivating family and community relationships in her story "The joy of intergenerational connection". Young children naturally practice the caring reciprocity of Partnership family and community relationships. Read the post
In "True Partnership", divorce lawyer Gaylen Curtis writes, "When people come together, even only two people, there is a structure to the relationship that will either protect the marriage or it will destroy the family slowly over time like the demise of dictatorships." Read the post
Marianne Poncelet , Executive Vice President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Brussels, shares the magic of communities shaping intercultural dialogue and social justice through the arts.  Read the post
Melanie Blow's article, "Patterns of a Domination System: the real impact of intergenerational trauma" shares the findings of The Adverse Childhood Experiences study, which shows how childhood trauma creates neurochemical changes in the brain as well as increases the likelihood that the child will be a victim of domestic violence as an adult. Read the post
Montessori educator Sheryl Morris writes: "I envision more partnerships forming between the various holistic-based education systems, such as Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, etc.; one basic tenet of these approaches is respect for the child". Read the post
In "Be yourself … a perfectly, imperfect awakened mother", Mama Wisdom Counselor Wendy Silvers writes, "When you are able to be there for yourself, you will have the inner spaciousness to be a witness for your children’s feelings. Not only that, you will not look to your children to meet your needs". Read the post
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