August 2018

John Creger teaches high school English at American High School in Fremont, CA. A guiding question for his students is "Why do we so often choose violence over caring?” Through his Personal Creed Project, which emphasizes partnership values, students engage in the kind of critical, creative thinking they need to play active, effective roles as global citizens.

What are we educators doing and learning in the emerging field of partnership education?

John writes: "It is Riane’s thinking on partnership values—caring in particular—that is having the greatest impact on my students’ learning in recent years. The power of Riane Eisler’s ideas have guided me to understand on a deeper and more conscious evolutionary level what I am trying to accomplish as a teacher, and how I can do it better.  READ MORE
What can we as older women do to build better lives and societies? Hear Riane Eisler speak: Women, Violence, and Injustice: From Domination to Partnership in The Shift Network’s “Thriving in Your Third Act”, a free online summit August 20-24, 2018.
Join us September 20 for the free webinar "Behind Our Gender Masks: Empowering Young Women and Men to Express their Full Humanity"
with Riane Eisler, Brie Mathers and Ashanti Branch.
Podcast: Riane Eisler interviewed on Meetings With Remarkable Educators. Can we begin to let go of domination system patterns that are maladaptive by shifting our ways of thinking in the context of the partnership lens?
Check out the summer issue of IJPS! The new issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies is hot off the press. Photo: Watershed, 2018: still shot from video by The Hypoxic Punks.
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K athleen Fleming is the owner/founder of Majestic Unicorn, an Asheville, NC based lifestyle brand dedicated to nourishing women, body and soul. On her website, she writes “I think motherhood is the most exalted position I could EVER hope to achieve.” Read her moving blog post about a healing experience with her son: “Broken Things” Read More
Ariana Newcomer coaches and mentors women in their second half of life. She is the creator of The Wise Woman Immersion, “a deep creative spiritual journey into your inner wisdom, next level of personal healing, healing of the collective, and your latest sacred reinvention of yourself”. Read More
L iz Copeland, certified Caring Economy leader active in caring policy advocacy, will be teaching a 90-minute workshop on September 24th, 2018 through Albuquerque’s Oasis educational program: “Paradigm Shift: The Work of Riane Eisler". Read More
A ngie Dabbs wrote in to share her work in an innovative Baltimore, MD coaching/social justice community collaboration that highlights the power of partnership values. Angie writes, "[Project volunteers] meet people where they are and seek change – not FOR people – but WITH people." Check it out!
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